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Harbour tunnel cashless from 8/07/07

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by munecito, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. What is going to happen with all of us that use the tunnel and were taking advantage of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel Periodic Pass?

    I think all user of that scheme should start writing to the RTA and show their disconfort with this. Once again we were left out of the plans.

    Anyway, I put together this letter and sent it to the RTA. Please do something if you feel it affects you too.


  2. Godo on ya will, let us know what happens with the letter

    How much are the stickers?? Is there a cost advanatge compared to five days a week eTag?

    An example for anyone worried about riding through the tunnel. Went through on a bike I did not transfer the rego over :oops:

    The ex owner got a notice, he completed a Stat Dec giving my name and address as the new owner.

    I called up the Harbour Tunnel Authority (or whoever they are) as detailed on the letter, and gave them my car rego and they deducted the toll - no admin fee was payable.

    So get an RTA tag, leave it at home and if they take your number plate photo, they can match it up easy enough
  3. Actually Alex the Pass is about $90 a quarter and you can use the tunnel (up until the 8th of july) and the bridge as many times as you want.

    So for me is less than half the cost of paying the toll with cash or the tag.

    Using the bridge everyday just one way (to the city) is $3 I work usually 6 days a week so it is $18 a week, $72 a month, $216 a quarter.

    And I was getting the pass for about $92-96 a quarter.

    That translates to something like $384 a year for the pass/sticker vs $864 a year for cash/e-tag. :shock:

    Almost $500 a year difference. I can give that money better use.

    Also Karina works in North Sydney (for a bit more as Optus is moving soon) so I go there once or twice a week to have lunch with her so that implies $3-6 more to add per week.

    It doesn´t seem like a lot but when you put it together it starts becoming more and more.

  4. That sticker is cheap. Understand your frustration then Will
  5. While waiting for a response from the RTA, you can use the cahill expressway route, which has a beautifully red carpet lay down for us, from Military road 'till york street. :cool:
  6. G'day Guys,
    I've come in a bit late on this thread, but wanted to let all of you in Sydney who use the harbour tunnel on occasion (or every day).

    If you take the lanes marked 'city west' that run NEXT to the entrance to the tunnel (nth side). You can slow down and cross into the Tunnel entrance lans PAST the Toll Booths = NO Toll.

    I saw someone do it ages ago and think it is a great idea (provided it's not Peak Hour).

    For the angels out there.....
    If you have any E-tag (be it on your car etc,etc.) you can ring up your provider and get them to link your bike plate to the etag, so when u go through they just hit your etag at a later date.... no fine, no carrying a tag.

  7. Browny, do you live at Clovelly?

    Just wondering if you are the bloke with the ZZR? or GPX that I rode back from Picton with yesterday?
  8. Thats me Tweet! Ur in Rose Bay?
  9. Thanks for riding back with me too mate, appreciate it. Are you going to go on the putty ride on the 15th?
  10. Weather permitting yes I will go, just love the Putty rd, my favourite out of Sydney, and in my opinion 2nd only to the Oxley.

    Send me your email address bikewreck_com@yahoo.com.au or your MSN, and I will tell you about it.

    If you are going you are welcome to tag along with me and probably YAK.
  11. Finally got a reply on the mail.


    So Bridge it is.

  12. Hi Guys.

    Just to clarify what the RTA have done with the harbour crossing tolls.
    Because of the tunnel going cashless, they have implemented a system where you can link your Motorcycle Periodic Toll Pass ($92/quarter from selected rta's like Wynyard) to an eTag.

    Then, don't stop to have your pass checked, and don't use your eTag. When your photo is taken, they will see that a pass has been linked to your tag, and your tag won't be charged.

    To link your pass to your eTag, phone RTA Tolls on 9422 7432.

    A few key points.
    1. Your motorcycle eTag has to be on it's own account - I've had trouble this week due to my car & bike tags on the same account. They link the pass to your account, not to the tag number, so it must be seperate.
    2. Check your account at myRTA . com to see if you've been charged, if so, ring them up.
    3. You must have an eTag (make it an infrequent user tag), but if the tag is carried, and you use it, it'll be the full price!
    4. I think we'll have to contact them each quarter to ensure the pass is linked.

    Pass this info on - no more sticking the pass to your helmet or bike, no more stopping at the change lane, no more dodgy cutting in at peak times, and you can use the tunnel too.
  13. Info was above your post.

    The thing they are doing is trying to get the motorcyclist to get an e-tag to get rid of the pass in a near future.

  14. Yeah, sorry - work network rules blocked the picture, so I didn't see it there.

    But it's not personal - I got one too.

    As long as they still offer a discount, then I've got no problem with that.
    Especially when it's an e-Tag in name only, as it's really Tag-less tolling with the eTag as an account.

    I'm not going to speculate on any motive - I'm not interested in any politics.

    What the RTA are doing is a good example to the other toll roads tho - don't force a motorcycle to have a tag (just an account), and offer a discount.

    Sure I'd like a 100% discount - wouldn't we all - but 50% is a good, more realistic start.