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NSW Harbour Bridge Bus Lane - motorcycles allowed?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nicko18, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. I travelled into the city for the first time on my bike a few weeks ago.. mainly coz I was running so late and a bus wouldn't cut it.

    I was approaching the onramps to the bridge, and noticed a heap of bikes riding in the bus lane. Pretty good I thought, that may cut 10 minutes off my time.

    I noticed that there were about 3 cops on motorcycles that had pulled over about 3 other motorcyclists beside the bus lane at the South end of the bridge going down towards York St. They didn't see me, because they were busy writing tickets out for the other guys.

    Just wondering for future reference, were they pulled over for riding in the bus lane? Is this some bus lane that bikes arent allowed to be on? It doesn't say 'bus only' lane.


    edit* have found out that this is perfectly legal, and that these bikes must have been doing something else. Certainly wasn't speeding... the way traffic was that morning.
  2. yes babe :) bus lane is bike friendly!

    all legal and it makes me happy
  3. Speeding perhaps? Filtering past cars? I ride it a few times each week and have shot straight past the cops waiting to catch cars in the bus lane (York exit)
  4. yeah, it must have been for undertaking the buses as they were queued about 200m back from the York St traffic lights.

    Just gave me a scare, first time I ride that lane and the cops are there writing tickets to as many bikes as they could handle.
  5. probably pulled over if they were lane splitting, or maybe just doing a general bike check?

    who knows :)
  6. sweet :)

    almost ruined my day to think that lovely bus lane was a no-no and in future i'd need to travel with all the cars.

    That and free city street parking... who wouldn't want a bike eh?
  7. This thread reminds me how much i don't miss crossing the bridge every day for work. That bus lane made it a lot easier, though.
  8. Its always a good laugh seeing bikes/scooters sitting in the massive line of traffic thinking they cant use it. Go for gold its totally legit.
  9. Yep all legit, plus the bridge buslane + Cahill expressway usually beats the tunnel if there's any traffic, and its a much much nicer view.
  10. I've watched that bus lane go from having the odd bike on it to regular bike traffic over the years. If bike usage increases and it starts filling up, I wonder if they'll decide it's adversely effecting bus traffic, and make it bus-only to resolve it.

    That would suck...

  11. Shhhhhhh

    Don't give 'em ideas.
  12. That's exactly why they were pulled over. During peak times the bus lane banks up quite a bit so many motorcycles will undertake on the left hand side illegally to avoid the congestion.

    The police must set-up there at least once a week to catch cars illegally commuting in the bus lane/bikes undertaking. I always make sure to scan ahead to check if the police are there so I can merge back into the bus lane before instead of filtering all the way down on the left.
  13. Hmm, this must be another situation where Law 141.1(c) doesn't apply.


  14. Actually it is a situation where 141.1(c) doesn't apply - if you read further down to 141.3:

  15. Bus lanes are bike friendly unless it says bus 'only' lane.
  16. I don't get it - the buses are stationary and are not turning - why wouldn't it be legal to pass on the left ?
  17. yeah I did see that bit, but I assumed it pertained to trams, or buses on the tramlines specifically.. not buses in general
  18. A toll question. I've used the bus lane a couple of times travelling from North Sydney and haven't been charged a toll? Is this right or do I need to move into the car lane when going through the toll gates?
  19. There are no toll gates on the HB anymore, all e-tag. If you don't have one buy an e-pass quick otherwise they'll send you the toll plus administration fee. You can back date an epass 2 days http://www.roam.com.au/content/using/options/options.asp?CC=19&SC=105&CN=158
    So you might get charged extra for a few
  20. maybe his bike isn't tripping off the metal detectors?

    i wish the tollgates were as insensitive as carparks / traffic light sensors