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happy valetines day...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. :)

  2. Happy Valetines Day?

    It's nice to see valets get their own day.:p
  3. Valentino Rossi day? lol wut?
  4. awww didn't know they had such a day. i'm glad they do, the valet guys work hard, bicycle valets included!


    There, Holly....fixed !
  5. oh shit. someone help with picture resizing?
  6. Thanks for reminding me - thought my wife was a little quiet this morning.
  7. Wow, Enhance, Enhance, Enhance :)
  8. Haha! It's too late now. You will be paying for that for the next 3-4 months. :D
  9. thanks nickers :p

    but seriously though, i hate valentines day. it's so fake and such a waste of money!
  10. My family is involved in Floristry. Just yesterday whilst still in Melbourne, I witnessed members 'gearing up' for yet another HUGE day of sales, mostly..you guessed it - Red Roses !

    It is amazing how much money people spend to share their love/emotions on this one day of the year, where Cupid really has everyone 'under his thumb' :)

    I was involved in helping out the family (whenever I'm in Melbourne and not riding (thank you very much :) ) for the past 2 years, delivering flowers to all locations Melbourne-wide. Most drop-offs were in the CBD.

    A very fond memory was delivering 5 bouquet of Roses (at different times of the day) to one girl in an office of around 10 females. I don't think the others were fond of her when I arrived to deliver the 3rd and onward batch...

    Well, she was HOT - was very tempted to leave her a rose or two myself :D
  11. oops!

    i guess that's what happens when starting a thread early in the morning...

    carry on.

    gave this to my SO. might get you out of the doghouse?

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  12. Thanks for that - have printed it out and will give it a go - still after 12years of bad or forgotten gifts, I've managed to get the dog house just as I like it.

    The trick is to start with poor gifts and/or forget them early in the relationship - then nothing to big is expected later on.