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Happy Valentines Day from the Dictators !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1360826835.235546.

  2. Nice one...
    I assisted in delivering flowers to lovely ladies people in Melbourne CBD today - glad it was to none of the above style 'people' !
  3. Busiest day of the year for your nickers ?
  4. Mick,

    Busy is a serious understatement !
    Ended up being dehydrated, delirious ('twas hot in the 'concrete jungle' !), tired, hungry...over it by day's end (around 6pm !)...

    But we brought many a smile to unsuspecting ladies..AND gents.
    Cupid...tsk tsk... he has a way of doing crazy things to people ;)

    Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Valentines Day with that special person.
  5. Ah :poop: on the subject of Valentines day...I'm in trouble...I should have given my Dude flowers and chocolates apparently. I'm sleeping on the lounge as I type this :banghead:
  6. Get over it.............slept on the couch last night...........

    Does that mean I win?
  7. you need a new man...that isn't a homo asking for flowers and chocolates....just putting it out there
  8. Just wait for Feb 15th, steak and blow-job day.
  9. Only a good thing if they get the ingredients the right way round :p
  10. Stupid asshole florists didnt deliver Mrs Messys flowers and choc while i was at work. Not only that their phone is ringing out today. I also refuse to go buy flowers at the shop today because ill look like one of those guys that 'forgot'.

    So, Mrs Messy got a florists receipt for her valentines day lol. Until i take it off her this afternoon and go blast them.
  11. Yeah it's good to keep that blank florists receipts book handy. Just remember to write em up with your left hand to avoid detection.