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Happy Tree Friends.... and Friends

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Is a 30 minute collection of adult cartoons on SBS each Thursday night at 10:00pm.

    The Happy Tree Friends is a short cartoon where the characters end up dead (very gory at times, actually every time )

    Petey & Jaydee Go Exploring is a 45 second cartoon made here in Melbourne about a pair of 2 inch high aliens who explore various office, home, kitchen & tool shed appliances and ends up killing one of them each time. see www.peteyandjaydee.com for more info. Now all I need to do is find an excuse to wander over to Ormond to grab a copy of the DVD's.

    There's also another cartoon based on the old Hanna & Barbera "Birdman" cartoon from the 60's and a few others to fill the required 30 minutes.

    So put the kiddies to bed and check them out.
  2. Yeah I luv happy tree friends and friends lu lu lu lalaalaa na na nana na na na! it is great.
  3. Finally got around to picking up a copy of the two DVD's a few weeks ago and my 5yo nephew loved watching Petey die each time, mind you I did distract him a couple of times when a couple of the real nasty deaths approached.

    Oh, and the cartoon shows mentioned in the original post are no longer played on SBS.
  4. So we have an alternative to "Itchy and Scratchy" now?
  5. You can find all three DVD's at your local JB HiFi, think they're around $16.

    I <3 HTF.