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Happy tidings NetRider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JackJagger, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hello there forum members of NetRider.

    My name is Jack, well not really, that's just my pseudonym, but you can call me jack.

    I'm in my mid twenties and feeling like I'm getting old already. I recently got accepted into the Army and currently work as a Shift Manager for a retail outlet. Life isn't too bad I guess.

    I got my bike licence at the ripe age of 17 before I got my car licence because I love bikes. Bought my first set of wheels (late 80's Kawasaki GPX250) that due to having no manaufacturing date on the compliance, was officially registered as being manufactered in Janurary 1900, classic bike? Well, yeah, it basically was. She had 81,xxx KMs on the clock and rode like a dream, no really, it was god awful because the engine was not looked after by previous owners. After only clocking roughly 8000KM's the Valve clearences gave in and the engine was stalled on a routine ride never to start again. I managed to make $100 by letting a local scrappy take the bike but the bike cost me $2000. I was gutted and then turned to a cager for a few years.

    Brings me to now, I had let my licence expire and never made it to my R-Date due to not having a bike. Not being able to renew my learners I gave up until now. I was lucky to win some money and went out and bought a brand new 2012 Kawasaki Ninja250R and book in for my licence once more. Bikes run in the family and it's good to finally be able to go back to two wheels!

    Anyway, enough blabber from me. I hope to make a bunch of new friends and enjoy reading, and hopefully contributing, to the everyday ramblings of us folk who insist on taking the dangerous 2 wheel endeavor!

    Ahoy hoy :demon:

    Obligatory Bike Picture:
  2. Gidday um "JACK"
    are you a spy ?
  3. Must be,he said the secret word,second last paragraph
  4. Hi Pseudonymous Jack :) and welcome. Where about are you based for the moment?

    Actually scratch that talking about R date I guess it's QLD.
  5. Based down in sunny old Adelaide!

    Who I am kidding, the place looks like burnt toast placed in the freezer.

    As for being a spy? Well, I wouldn't be a good spy if I told you now would I...Would I? I actually have no idea. :-s
  6. Where abouts in adelaide
    Dont worry were not interpol or anything, trust us.
  7. I expect dinner at least.

    I'm based down south.
  8. Another candidate for the twistie ride of death
  9. It sounds exciting. But I'm more interested in observing your fine road craft from a distance.
  10. U guys r all south ( i think )
  11. North, south, doesn't matter. I hope to head out and ride with folk all over the place when the chance arises.
  12. Tools got sporty ducati thing
    Jp gotta cruiser .... well kinda a sporty cruiser
  13. I see. Well, as long as you don't leave me in your smoke trails all is good.
  14. Welcome in Jack.

  15. Thanks for the warm welcomes all.
  16. Welcome. Nothing like new bike smell.

    I think with BLAB's duke's it's more likely to be smoke clouds...

    (I am gonna cop sooooo much shit if I ever break down)
  17. So you ride what ?
    A generic jappa bus ?
  18. Yep. Is that wrong?

    Seriously though, I used to dream of duke's as a kid. Glad I woke up
  19. The Zx is a good bus for sure.
    I used to dream of woman as a kid.Pissed off when I woke up.
  20. Blab did u crack the first one a bit early today