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Happy stories - where are they ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Have noticed a trend over the past few weeks of some horrible accidents and squid discussions etc and I feel horrible for all who have been involved in unfortunate events.

    As a newbie to riding, I have canvassed a lot of these forums but all they seem to do is depress me or make me even MORE nervous about my decision to ride and yes I know about the option of dont read them but at times there have been some helpful hints hidden in the posts !!

    Its just that as a newbie (and I hope other newbie's agree with this) ENCOURAGEMENT is required and not soo much of the negatives. Most of us know there is risk, danger and so on but you aint doing us any favours totally detailing everything sometimes !

    Just my 2c - grill me if you want but felt the need to ask where are the good stories ?
  2. Around the campfire or at the pub at the end of a hard day's corner carving.

    Check any recent rides and events forum posting, there's heaps of people having a ball.
  3. I pulled up next to a goldwing yesterday and started dancing around (he had the radio on) and he laughed
    I smiled for tmost of the day :)
  4. Yeasterday Templemonkey and I went for a bit of a ride, out through Yea (I think) and back through the Yarra Valey and Mt Dandinong.

    Beutifull weather, lots of other riders nodding on the way past a diecent lunch and finished off with the Mountain Highway.

    Nothing went wrong, no one went down, and the worst cager behavior we were subjected to was some minor tailgating.

    It was a good day.

    Thanks for leading Niel.
  5. Here here.

    You just need to know that on a Virago you need to scrape the pegs and the heels of your boots all over the place.

    My mate and I each had one and wore about 20mm off the edge of the pegs. There a surprising little bike.
  6. Happy Happy Joy Joy feelings to everyone :p

    Well yesterday I took Nadeen out for her 1st ride on "her" bike again for quite a few months, and as she said its amazing just how much she had forgot and it felt like she was riding for the 1st time again :?

    So I used some better judgement and changed our proposed run up to Warby, to a nice casual run down the freeway to Pakenham then reversed the trip and did pakie too noble park then back home.
    ( the VTR was itchen to be let loose but I did the good partner thing and just sat behind her doing the 'legal limits )
    The fact she was wearing her new "Hornee" jeans helped just alittle too :twisted:

    Now today im forgoing the 'spur' run to get out and reaquaint nadeen with those dreaded Hill Starts :twisted: :LOL:

    Then going to head down the peninsula to vist my grandaughter ( she loves it when PA turns up on his bike... but today she'll have the added bonus of seeing Nadeen on her bike as well :)

    So is that a good story for yahs ? :p :LOL:
  7. they are hot arent they ;) told you!! told you!!! :grin: :grin:
  8. I think the reason behind the increase in negative stories is due to a large proportion of NetRiders (Or perhaps posters) are novice riders, and therfore by default the forums get lots of threads about coming off, near misses (Not the proximity of your wife), people doing stupid things etc etc. It's just the nature of the beast...
    Personally, I'm still gaining experience on the open road...and loving it! Some near misses, people not looking when merging etc, but these instances can do nothing to spoil my enthusiasm for getting out there and blatting around.
    In my opinion, EVERY ride is a good one.
    Rock and roll.
  9. Foxy and myself went for a burn yesterday to re introduce him to riding in corners again at a moderate pace on Kew blvd

    Then up through Wittlesea to Yea.


    We had fun and had no incidents. We ran into some stray netrider's in Yea ( Fireblade) and his mate Tom.

    Me and Foxy split at Yarra glen. He went christmas hills and i went woori Yallock.

    All in all a good day :biker:
  10. majority of riders are having a ball now that the weather is slowly getting better :D

    it's just that the stacks are more interesting and popular to talk about, haha
  11. +1 add me to the list of riders having a ball in the sun. :grin:
  12. You aint seen a thing yet, wait till summer, this place isnt called netcrasher for nothing :cool:
  13. It was a beautiful day yesterday and so I decided to wash my bike. It had been a while and I'd forgotten what it looked like when clean. I was rapt with the result. :grin:
  14. Haha.

    Yeah, I washed and polished the bike the other day. Really rewarding the way it comes up so shiny at the end.

    Anywho. Nice day, finished up at church, went for a quick ride through the National Park over engadine Heathcote way.

    Had a blast, this thing called 'countersteering'... wow, never realised how effective it was. Practiced coming through the national park, was pretty quiet once I got further in.

    Hi to anyone I may have passed coming through the place.

    Lotsa nods from others heading the other way and some waves to those coming up from behind (I'm a learner and met a few Pro's)
  15. I drove up to Goulburn with Mrs Hornet early this morning for a church service.

    On the way home I passed around 100 bikes at the Robertson Pie Shop; (Victorian riders, I'd be happy to explain) and hummed out loud....

    Dropped Mrs Hornet at home (I live only a couple of kays away from the base of Macquarie Pass), changed into jaket and Draggins in world record time and ripped up the Pass to the Pie shop, had a warming coffee and ogled everyone else's bikes and fanged back down again.

    Great to be alive and riding...

    How's that for a happy yarn?? :LOL:
  16. Funfunfunfunfun here!

    Went out today (although a bit windy) nice and warm/sunny did 2hrs through Greendale>Trentham>Daylesford>Ballan>Greendale>home. Lots of long sweeping bends amongst the trees (which kept the wind away) and had a ball.
  17. Well i am as happy as could be
    on friday
    i bought myself a 2004 hyosung Aquilla 250
    and let me tell you i certainly dont need a bigger CC
    :grin: it is a real goer :grin:
    slash cut pipes :grin:
    have everyone turning their heads as i am approaching
    and when i stop at shops and lights people saying
    WOW Nice Bike and WOW it sounds fantastic
    and i am getting Heaps of Thumbs Up and Nods from all riders
    my partner helped me bolt on my saddle bags and we went for a nice ride again today

    I hope this works but this is me on my bike


    Gidday to everyone on the spurs this weekend

    i will need a neck brace soon from nodding :rofl:
  18. I know the 3 (or is it 4 these days) pie shop run :grin: Some of the most beautifull rd's/scenery around.
    Everytime i go near Mac pass i get told off; can't understand it myself :oops:
  19. Yes indeed, we love the "Pass, Pearson's Lane, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Nowra loop" :LOL:

    {Mind you, I'm a bit grumpy with one of the corners on Pearson's lane....... :evil:}
  20. I could hear "OH Happy Day" Chorusing in the background as I read that Hornet!