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Happy Star Wars Day, Netriders

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 4, 2014.

  1. Self explanatory, really

  2. way too much Big Bang Theory :p

    Be warned tomorrow - Revenge of the Fifth!
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  3. Already waiting for the new movies
  4. The new movies are Disney movies, do you really think they'll do the originals justice.
  5. Yes cause Lucas isn't writing them
  6. Yes, because on viewing the originals without the taint of youthful nostalgia, they are shit movies.
  7. The same can be said of many movies - Mad Max, while one of my all time favourite movies, isn't a cinematic masterpiece.
  8. This is true, but I think Star Wars have a particularly outstanding success to shitness ratio.

    To be fair, I quite like them, I just recognise their problems. I tried to get my kids to watch them recently. They got through Star War with a few breaks (kids don't see disjointed storyline and bad acting the same way we do), but only got about half way through Empire (a few weeks later), before loosing interest. Even I was sitting there thinking how slow that movie was.

    And then the prequels were just a joke.

    Giving what disney has been doing with things like Pixar and Pirates of the Carabean (for example) I think they'll do a pretty good job. This despite the fact I hate most things Disney.

    I do think, however, they should have started by redoing all 6 movies from the start.
  9. Maybe. You're right though, they were all pretty slow.
  10. I think Disney is missing a huge opportunity by not mixing up the movies and the characters; I'd love to see Alladin eaten by Simba, for example :LOL:
  11. originals were great the prequels sucked balls