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Happy South Oz birthdays

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. to DelusioL and infernaldark, both from Adelaide and both 27 today. Have a great day both of yaz!

  2. Yeah happy birthday Delusional you cradle snatcher... How was that chick last night? :LOL:

    Also happy birthday infernal, at least your normal unlike another newly 27 y.o i know :grin:
  3. thanks fellas....

    and that chick was looking fantastic last night sketchie.. thanks!

    and weird coincidence.. infernal Dark n i both share the same birthdays ride similar bikes and met for the first time last night at the coffee night :D

    and i still dont know his name... hahahhaha
  4. Happy birthday guys. :beer:
  5. Happy birthday "D"
  6. Happy birthday lads.
  7. YES, Happy Birthday guys.

    Don't get too wasted on saturday night Craig, Hell what am i talking about, have a carton for me. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Enjoy yourself.

    P.S. If all of you drunk lads moon the people going to church on the way home in the morning on the bus, you better get the reaction on camera for prosperity. :butt: :butt: :LOL:
  8. happy birthday fellas!
  9. happy birthday dudes! :wink:
  10. Happy birthday DelusioL and Infernaldark!
  11. Yes happy birthday to Craig and Scott
    have a graet day guys
  12. chees once again!!

    and i did have a good day...

    now to go out for dinner.. then drinks with mates tonight..

    work with a hang over tomorow...

    then party on towards the weekend!
  13. :birthday: guys.
    Hope you both had a great day :)