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Happy New Year!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by md7, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. New to the forum and riding. I have booked the pre-learner in 2 weeks and have already shopped for most of the gear. Have been looking at a colleague's Kawasaki Ninja he has for sale. So should be on the road in a couple weeks or so *fingers crossed*. Can't effing wait!

  2. Welcome to Netrider mate and a very Happy New Year to you too (y)
  3. Welcome to bikes, and to netrider, and to 2012. I hope they're all good to you.
  4. thanks for the welcome.. Did the pre-learners course on the weekend.. now to do the L's this weekend
  5. Quick question, how do I post an ad in the classifieds section?
  6. Welcome MD7, have you paid the $10 one off fee? if you havent, then you wont be able to.. Once paid you will have access to this process, and no, I am not a moderator so dont pm me and ask 'why cant I do it' lol
    welcome aboard, get yourself to Homebush when you get the bike and the guys up there will provide you with alot of tips and the right way of doing things!! Could very well save your life!!
  7. Cheers Goddie.. I intend to as Homebush is about 5 mins from my place. I'm going to be a little nervous getting there though as traffic in that area is crazy.

    I just paid the $10 fee, i'm guessing takes a little time to process.
  8. yep not sure how long it takes once fee's paid wouldnt think it would be long though, when you're ready to get to Homebush, jump on their thread and ask for an escort it, we escort new comers in Melb all the time, no biggie, in the mean time you can always find a quiet car park and practise at your own pace, thats it all it takes, practise and more practise..
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)