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Happy New Year and resolutions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I feel the need to make some new year resolutions for this coming year but I can't think of many.
    1 is to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii when they are available in the shops again. Another is to start a savings history in order to become a homeowner some day.
    What are you resolutions for 2008?

  2. Keep my license.
    Enjoy life.
    Meet more NR's.
  3. Ditto to the wii.

    New years resos -
    become organised at home and do well in my new job
    go to archery once a week plus practice at home
    and... that's it so far :) i'm sure i'll think of more later
  4. bah steal my resolution.

    Also not to fall off.
  5. 1 - To Stay Upright
    2 - To Improve my riding skills ( or lack thereof )
    3 - To have a Good year financially @ work
    4 - To have a Stressless Year

    Happy New Year Deb !

  6. I resolve to drink less in the new year.. :oops:

    Out of 3 expensive hobbies, that's the easiest to get rid of.. :wink:
  7. What are the other two?

    And yes, some others I have though of are to also save money, build a better relationship with family and friends, go on the internet less, and stop biting my fingernails.. Dreadful habit.

    And check my email more often...

  8. to live to see another New Years celebration.
  9. I will take a shot at answering this..

    Maccas 3 most expensive hobbies would be:
    4 wheel drives (and most probably in that order) :bolt:
  10. :oops: I think I spend too much time around you.. :p

    Yeah, that's the order, and as I'm starting to compete in the 4x4's this year, it's going to get very pricey very quickly (you think bike tyres are expensive, you price up some 36 inch Simex tyres for the 4x4 :shock: )
  11. No offence, but if a computer game is a bigger priority than saving for a house, you'll never be a home owner.

    I resolve to spend less on "toys" in 2008, pay more off the mortgage, and get into a position where we can start having kids.
  12. what? you dont have the equipment yet? :-k :-k
  13. Still trying to sleep with a redhead.
  14. :LOL: Just not quite in the right financial position. :wink:
  15. how much do they cost?
    i had my first when i was earning $270/week as an apprentice.
    she is now cuddling with me as i post this :grin:
    i dont think anyone is EVER financially ready....you just have 'em!
  16. 1) Finally get off the smokes. Almost there. Gone from 25 a day to about 2 per week. Still get urges tho...

    2) Finish my personal trainers course

    3) Get out of my current job. Have applied to the MFB but should that fall through, start my own business doing home theatre/smart home installations and programming.

    4) Get my pilots license current again.
  17. Here are the objectives for this year (not into resolutions as they become revolutions - same old ones crop up each year!):

    * Go full time in my business (that one is a goer as resigned form job last week) and bring in more than $60k revenue for the year
    * Run 3 sell out (20 pax) public workshops
    * Create 1 new product
    * Buy a new bike (got to replace the Beemer!)
    * Ride more for pleasure and less for commuting
    * 2 paid gigs for my choir each term
    * Go to NetRider coffee at least once a fortnight
    * Make sure my wife is treated like a princess (just in case she reads this!)

    I know this probably doesn't mean much to most people but now it has been announced publicly.

    It will be interesting to revisit this in 12 months and see how I went.

    Enjoy the new year!

  18. Learn an instrument again. Either guitar or sax..

    Learn to ride better

    Learn to wheelie

    Save up for a 2nd bike :LOL:
  19. To spend more time with my family, you don't realise how much they mean until something happens

    To go to that advanced cornering course I sent Tony to

    To head back to Melbourne for a ride up the black spur

    To record an EP with my band

    To help dad with his rehab
  20. :LOL:

    reminds me of the late show (D-gen) with the giving and receiving of "financial advice".

    "advising her brains out from all reports"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: