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Happy new member!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by daniel270991, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Gday to all Netriders,

    Have been a long time reader of the forum(s) and decided its time to become a member! I'm Daniel from Point Cook in Victoria, as probably guessed in my username.

    Have just recently passed my L's (last week at HARTS) with a perfect score in both tests, very happy with the results.

    Been riding off road since I was around 5 years old, in which I am grateful my fathers passion for all bikes has passed onto me. 15 years of riding experience really does help when going for the learners.

    Only recently I have put a deposit on an Aprilia RS125 as my first 'roadie'. I read reviews upon reviews of the bike, and I chose this due to the time I would be riding the bike (not a commuter - have a car for this), and also my experience riding 2 stroke mx'ers. My last 3 bikes have all been MX'ers (off road, that is - RM85L, RM125, KTM200EXC), over the last 8 years. I do know the pros and also cons of 2 smokes. Like I said, since I won't be riding the Aprilia as a commuter, I would best see it as a weekender type of machine, until really I get the full licence.

    Anyway, hope to be a part of thie forum and it is nice to be on here :)

    Happy riding,

  2. Welcome mate :) I have to say I'm absolutely jealous that you're getting an RS125!!!!
    If I didn't have to commute on mine I'd definitely get one too

    Hope you have fun :D
  3. Welcome Daniel :)

    There are quite a few two-stroke people here and quite a few of us who started their riding on the dreaded smokers, myslef included (Yamaha RD-250 in 1974).
  4. Hey bloke
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I do know as far as commuting goes, the RS is probably one to miss. I think since I have been brough up with 2T's, its hard to forget 'em! I have a rec reg'ed CRF450x, which has loads of grunt and the even power distribution, great for the enduro rides with my old man. But I must admit, I love the sound of the bees of the twos and the powerband is something I think I will never get sick of! :) Very weary of that on the road and plan to ride for the first few times with the old man or even my cousin, just to get the feel of the road, etc. Reading lots of tips on here as well.
  6. Welcome dude
  7. Welcome to NR. (y)
  8. Welcome to NR.
    Are you buying a used RS125?
    The new model is a 4 stroke but there may be some new 2 strokes still in dealerships.
  9. Welcome mate, sounds like you have some decent experience on the dirt bikes I'm sure you will adapt well(y).
  10. Thanks again for the replies guys :)

    Kingpin - yep, its a 2007 model 'unrestricted' RS. Not sure how many HP it puts out but I think this year was the last year the 2 strokes were made.
  11. Hi Daniel and welcome to NR
  12. Welcome to NR, Daniel!
  13. welcome to NR Daniel
  14. Seems like this forum has lots of members. I am a newbie and I hope I can talk with you all soon!
  15. hey welcome i got an 11 rs125 myself =P they're heaps of fun, (even though i do commute in mine ahahas)
  16. Thought I'd share a photo, from about a week ago when the weather was nicer than it is now! Have to spend some more time polishing the anodized alloy a little more and it will ALMOST be new again

  17. Need to spend some more time polishing up the anodized alloy! Here's a snap from last week when the weather was a little nicer: