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Happy National Roadster Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. being part of a super-hip and ultra-cool underground society,
    today i scored a secret public holiday and the keys to an SLK320 roadster.

    wow, what a peach of a car
    i've always liked the SLKs, so this was half-testdrive for a possible future purchase and half recreation. the 5speed tiptronic is great, best of both manual and auto worlds (although sometimes in life you do need to slip a little clutch). this thing handled brilliantly, probably the best handling car i've ever driven, probably due to it's shorter wheelbase than it's SL brother. wind noise wasn't excessive, i took my mother for a drive tonight and we could talk without having to yell. i love my mum. she has hearty respect for the Old Ton. brakes were brilliant. interior was finished with panels of drill-polished metal, though i believe the SLK230 Kompressor comes with carbon trim. heater was great when the mountain air started getting chilly, because god forbid i have to put the top up. i understand the new models have the option of the Air Scarves, with vents placed on either side of your neck

    there's a closed-off road around here near the quarry that i was allowed to make use of for an hour. god bless german enineering. so damn stable at high speeds. but being the older model SLK the radio wasn't one of the modern ones that turns itself up the faster you go.

    spent the rest of the afternoon doing my fave hillclimbs, from Springwood Rd to Megalong Valley to Bell's Line. the sound of that lush V6 is still blazed into my memory

    best of all i got a good chance to use my new 8mp cybershot and tripod. jam the tripod behind the right corner of the passanger seat, start filming, start driving and presto! something out of Fifth Gear. i need a microphone though. windnoise can make a great video boring as hell

    i understand National Roadster Day is not very well known, it's not publicised, it's date is constantly changing, for some strange reason usually coincidenting with large-scale events in the city which take up valuable police resources from the rest of NSW (ie APEC, WYD). i can assure you NRD is not just a blunt creation of my own psyche to glorify a day of depraved speeding on under-policed roads. i can be counted on to uphold traffic laws, even in the absence of the Boys in Blue who were busy in the city seeing to our pilgrim guests, making sure they crossed the roads OK.

    unfortunately, there's the bad news. being over 6ft, the last roadster i had was cramped as hell, making it much easier for me to resist the temptation to buy one. the SLK fitted me like a glove. this can only be bad news to my savings plans

    i hope you enjoyed reading about my day's adventure. i'm trying not to be smug about having such a complete blast. i'll post details of the next NRD when i hear about it, there's talk of free british-racing-green plastic bracelets to commemorate the next event

    watch Loki learn how to ghost-ride the whip!

  2. another exploit, another crowd left speechless?

    no need to shun me for choosing a car, guys. convertibles don't really count as cagers. they're just like bikes, but with stereos and you can smoke!

    i'm back at work today. the withdrawal has set in. i have a serious monkey with racing stripes on my back
  3. Sweet car, man. Not sure about the racing stripes though, i like german cars to be a little more sober. Have fun saving :grin:
  4. <drools>

    I love the SLKs.... An SLK350 is on my wish list. Only problem is the lack of boot space due to the hardtop.

    Hope you had fun - at least you've had the chance to drive one :grin: