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Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas messages

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Hope everone has a great break (or at least a couple of days for the people working next week :D ) Stay safe and have a great Christmas and New Years. See you all next year.


  2. merry xmas netriders :!:
  3. Hope you all have a fantastic Xmas and an enjoyable break

    Im off to Narooma for 2 weeks on the 26th so safe riding and take it easy Netriders :D
  4. Merry Christmas in the most non-commercial way possible!
    Go buy yourself something nice for your bike, then spend the time with the people you care about.


    Oh, and safe & happy riding if your on the roads this silly season.
  5. Same from this corner...
    A great Xmas and all the Best for the New Year, many safe and happy miles it'll hopefully hold for everyone !!
    And always enough blacktop under your tyres.

  6. Ho ho farken ho the lot of yas.

    Ride safe y'all!

  7. Have a great Christmas/holiday season/non-denominational celebration/Hanukkah/ or any other religious/non-religious celebration

    (This political correctness stuff is way out of hand :cry: )

    Enjoy the break guys & girls and please stay safe.

    Best wishes to all from Steve, Danea & Liam
  8. This is my last post...

    ... before Christmas.

    I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everyone here a safe and merry Christmas (or whatever festival that you may celebrate), and here's hoping for a prosperous and safe New Year.

    I would also like to thank Jason and Vic for their efforts in maintaining a quality motorcycling forum, despite the issues that they've faced in the past, and continue to address into the future.

    A few of the lads have bitten the dust. Let's hope that they're going to recover fully. Col Brokey, and Jason to name two fellas whose incidents have stood out.

    Hopefully the New Year will allow me to attend at least one Netride. As a shiftworker, most of the time that you guys are out there netriding, I'm stuck at work. Shift happens, I s'pose.

    Anyway, don't get too pissed this festive season. I know I will...

    Martin Taylor
    Traralgon Vic.
  9. Doonks' Christmas Message

    If QEII can do it then so can I.

    Hmmmmmm - what a year 2005 has been. We've seen all sorts of things happen here in the hyperworld we affectionately call Netrider. All in all, it's been a good year, the year I found this place !

    So, to each and every one of you I wish a happy and enjoyable Christmas, followed by a safe and exciting New Year. If you are one that find joy and guidance in God (whatever God that maybe) then may enlightenment be with you. If you are one that find enlightenment in others, then party party party !

    May we all return, safe, happy and better people in 2006.

    All the very very best,

    Doonks :D
  10. thanks doonks

    have a merry christmas and new year yourself.

  11. I second that :D

    cheers ratty

  12. Thanks mate and same to you and your family
  13. X-max, Another reason to get drunk 8)
  14. Same here merry Christmas everyone.
    Stay safe.
    :D :D :D :D
  15. I wa going to save this till tomorrow, but a sincere and Merry Christmas to all my fellow Netriders. I hope that the season brings all that you need and the New Year dawns with promise. A special greeting to those who's families have grown this year, and to the expectant mums of the New Year.
  16. A most sincere and Happy Xmas to all , and have a safe and happy NEW YEAR.

    Im leaving for Sydney tmw morn at 3am in the cage ( going to try and beat the heat forcast for tmw ) and wont be back till around the 4th.

    So once again a safe festive season for all and keep the shiny side up


    :D hi everyone, i will take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry xmas and a new year.
    ride safely and watch ur diet :shock:
  18. "Watch your diet"? Who are you, Scrooge or something???!!! :shock: :p :LOL:

    Yeah - have a good one, people. Hope you get all the right prezzies!
  19. Watch your diet? Since when was Christmas sponsored by Weight Watchers???
    Yeah, GMAN have a great Christmas yourself, best wishes!
  20. All the best to you to gman.. :D