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Happy First Birthday....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davidk, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. ...to me!!!

    Hi all,

    Its been a year now since I made the decision to see if I still enjoyed riding a bike as much as I did 35 years ago!
    Long story short....bloody oath I do (y)

    There I was, in my late 50's....looking to relive my younger days maybe, or perhaps just looking for a new lease on life?
    It doesn't matter what the reason is, I am just glad that I did it!
    I don't get out on for a ride as much as I would like to because real life tends to get in the way...but I know that my bike is there waiting for me whenever I get some spare time (and that's a great feeling :happy:)
    There is nothing ( well not much anyway:whistle: ) more satisfying than that feeling you get when you are riding well and cornering well....you get home with a stupid grin on your face and a huge sense of achievement.
    (and also nothing more frustrating than when you stuff up a corner I should add!)

    So twelve months ago I know I made one of the best decisions I have ever made...I just wanted to let you all know! :happy:

    There is a bit of a mystery though...somehow in the last twelve months I have managed to accumulate....

    3 helmets
    4 jackets
    2 pairs Kevlar jeans
    3 pairs of gloves
    Various socks, neck socks, balaclava's, earplugs and just in the last week thermal underwear!

    I cant explain how I came to buy all this stuff, not like me at all haha!

    1L7C1649 (800x533).

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  2. Congrats davidkdavidk on your first year and your collection of apparel looks exactly like mine, other than I think I would have you covered in the glove stakes :)
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  3. Congrats David. Haven't seen you at Saturday practice for a while so come around one of these days.

    Just 3 pairs of gloves!! ;)

    Yeah..the gear collection seems be directly proportional to the number of years on the bike.
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  4. Awesome! This is the best kind of story as it validates my "excessive"? bike related purchases :)
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  5. Happy First Birthday indeed David! Congrats, you look so happy :happy: Mororcycling is definitely good for you, keeps you young (well, that's what I'm discovering anyway :whistle:) Here's to many more happy years of riding (y)
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  6. happy 1st birthday :)
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  7. Thanks for the good wishes everyone!
    So now I have been riding for a year.....maybe it's time for a bigger bike :)