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Happy Father's Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ljcoolio, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. #1 ljcoolio, Sep 4, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2016
    Breakfast made by my sons, presents (hopefully bike related as I've got enough ties) and lunch at a local restaurant
    Voucher to buy new gloves whoo hoo I want lighter summer gloves any suggestions?

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  2. Daughter will have forgotten it's Father's Day so I'll amuse myself with a morning ride for coffee and eclair and then lots of vegetating this afternoon :)
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  3. I am going to mentor a young lady today. I get to see the growth off a newish motorcycle rider improve her skills
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  4. Update: just got an awesome card and toast in bed! She remembered and was all secretive about it :D
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  5. Hahahah no faith. You better not let her see this :p
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  6. Happy Father's Day all!!!
    Going to see my (step) dad and making him lunch! He's recovering from a hip op so no restaurants for us today!

    Girls are deferring Father's Day till daddy gets back! If chillibuttonchillibutton is really lucky they will take him to Daisy's! He loves the place!!! :banghead:
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  7. Breakfast with the family at the Fiddler.
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  8. Lunch in a park overlooking the Swan River right near our "holiday unit". The kids have organised everything, so I am anticipating something interesting...
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  9. Wifey and I been to gym to help counter the effects of fat motherfuqqa's day. Phone calls with the squidlets that have moved out (including an offer to spar with the SIL, gonna have to train up for that. Sons in Law need to be afraid of the Father in Law ;) )
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  10. We have deferred Fathers day at my house as my son is in the off week of his fortnightly pay cycle. So we will celebrate next weekend with a meal somewhere.

    Today will be an approximate 300 km home ride.....via some nice detours around the central Goldfields
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  11. Hahahahah get training mate, he wants to knock your block off. Whatever happens, make sure you get one in on the nose. Even if you win the fight getting punched in the nose ruins your day. It's a hollow victory when your face is smashed up haha.
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  12. got up, fed the kids (Samoyed and Pomeranian) made my own coffee/brekky, participated in NFL FFL draft, just about to take the chillibabe to Bunnings to buy concrete stepping stones for the yard then will be moving them around for the rest of the day.

    happy fathers day to all the dads out there!
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  13. Seems to me a lot of guys held no hope of breakfast in bed so scooted up to the Classic car monthly meetup at St Ives Showground. (Starts 7:00 am first Sunday of each month)

    The coffee truck was most popular vehicle of the show judging by the crowd it drew. Took my old Citroen DS23, ogled the Volvos, chatted with the Cobras and was home before anyone had even missed me!

    WP_20160904_08_54_16_Pro_1024x576. WP_20160904_08_55_01_Pro_1024x576. WP_20160904_08_56_22_Pro_1024x576. WP_20160904_08_57_02_Pro_1024x576. WP_20160904_09_10_13_Pro_1024x576.
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  14. #14 Jeffco, Sep 4, 2016
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    starting with a cup of coffee (international roast) and a homemade apple and cinnamon muffin.

    The cup was a fathers day gift from the daughter a couple of years ago :)

    Wifey was out early running some errands for her mum whos not well pressies will be done on her return :)

    Have a great day everyone :)

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  15. Got home from work 7 am, into bed for an hours kip before the offsprings woke up and woke Me up to have coffee. Thanks kids :). They got me a new automatic welding helmet so that's nice. The SO's family are coming over this afternoon so I'd better go mow the yard before beer o'clock. Happy fathers day, dads.
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  16. Is it the model that had the directional headlights Michael?
  17. Yes indeed! They are remarkably good too. Outer pair are self leveling, inner pair directional with steering.

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  18. #18 Lazy Libran, Sep 4, 2016
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    Roald Dahl Day at Federation Square..

    Planning to have lunch somewhere now.

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  19. Just got a present from the kids. Tickets to the beer and beef festival in Perth in a few weeks time. :)
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  20. I love these - comfortable and cool.


    Dririder Air-Ride Glove |Motorcycle Road gloves
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