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Happy End of Restrictions Period Day...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AngryAnt, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ... to me.

    Now to buy the biggest, largest capacity bike I can, rapidly drink 2.5 bottles of beer and pillion a floozy all over town.

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  2. Congrats :)
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  3. lol congrats Anto !!

    bout time, now for that bike!!
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  4. I hear turbo busa's are good.

    Though maybe the new zx14 with turbo would be better. More is more.
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  5. Well done.=D> The volume of beer must be equal to or greater than the capacity of the bike :beer:

  6. Haha great stuff! Going for my Ps tomorrow , 1 more year of restrictions :(
  7. Good luck zan!
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  8. Onya Anto! Watchout for the floozy's... they can make you sicksies.
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  9. Good stuff mate, I've still on my greens till new years :/
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  10. I came off my restrictions on Sunday, had been hanging to take the cheese and kisses out for a spin, but illness has prevented this (possibly scared)? Anyway, picked the wee'un up from school, kitted her out and went for a scoot around the local area! She loved it! Was an excellent pillion, already asking when we're going out again! God I love her!
  11. Gratz =D>
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  12. just remember the floozy cost more then a bike !!

    congrats mate enjoy the freedom
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  13. I feel your pain, in some ways this was the longest year of my life, but had plenty of fun along the way! Ride the wheels off your current bike, then you'll be ready for the next chapter.
  14. Don't get caught if you do it all at once.
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  15. Depends on prophylactics I find. Which reminds me Rob... What do engineers use for contraceptives?
  16. Congratz Anto. Can't wait to see the what you end up with.

    Talking about the bike, not the floozy
  17. Who needs contraceptives... engineers only need beer and something to fix and we're set. :)
  18. Close! The joke goes like this...

    Q: What do engineers use for contraceptives?
    A: Their personalities.

    This joke was told to me by the Head of the Chemical Engineering School, Uni of Queensland.
  19. Onya mate,,,Now go out & get a Z1000!!!!
    (not being too pushy , am I??:angel:)
    Check out what Kitt put on your fb!
  20. Congrats mate :)