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Happy Easter Hornet600 & others of the same persuasion

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Wishing those who believe in Easter all the very best for an inspiring and joyful few days.

    Personally, i'm off to do pagan things in the bush with a bunch of hippies but that doesn't mean i don't respect your beliefs and trust that your religion takes you to greater heights of goodness, happiness and peace. So in that endeavour, i wish you well :)
  2. Well, officially easter is celebrated on sunday not good friday but thanks for the sentiment.
    *Being a greek married to a catholic I get to have 2 easters.*
  3. And let's not beat around the bush, the greeks have a reputation....
  4. Indeed, thanks for the good Easter wishes, and I wish everyone who has time off this weekend a restful and happy time, whether it's connected with anything religious or not.

    Me? The sun is shining and it's around 25 degrees and if I can persuade Mrs Hornet, I'm going for a ride.... Stay safe, all of you.
  5. [img:640:480:99169cd411]http://members.cox.net/bbrainspace/proof.jpg[/img:99169cd411]

    Happy Easter, gang!
  6. nice pic clive.Thats what i dream about every easter.If onlyit were true, no more hot x buns to make.yeehaa
  7. happy easter, everyone. no matter what belief or religon, wsih all have peace of mind and feel cheerful in heart. Hornet, where will you go for a ride? i have been to macquarie pass and sea cliff bridge, nowra. any route around wollongong to recommend? thanks
  8. My favourite route is up the pass and on through Robertson, then left and down into Kangaroo Valley, then up and down Cambewarra Mountain to Nowra, and back to Wollongong via the highway, and the great twisties just south of Kiama, then home (Oak Flats)
  9. Sounds like a glorius circuit. Especially on a day like today!!! I know most of those raods from driving in the car but have never done it on the bike. Maybe we will have to make it a Wollongong netrider group ride or try to get the crew down from sydney to do it??
  10. that is a scenic ride. Any netridergroup ride in wollogong area? i have seen lots of Harley going around.
  11. Thank you Gromit for that pic, Maddy has just seen it, the tears welled up in the eyes, the bottom lip dropped....oh such a sad site to be seen. She's shattered to say the least :(

    But I didn't fail to mention who it was that posted the pic and she now blames YOU for no easter bunny, she says she is out hunting Gromits today :evil:
  12. i didn't know that. thank you. unfortunately i'll be out of phone range and nowhere near an electricity supply, let alone a computer on sunday, so please take it as 'early' good wishes.

    don't know if you're male or female Smee, but if you're female and greek and managed to get yourself a bike, i'm highly impressed! do the family know?!?!? :grin:

    AND AS FOR GROMIT - that's a SHOCKER mate :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Smee's not female Carri - but he rides a beemer so he's the next best thing.... :p
  14. Definitely not a female Carri and have been riding close to 10 years now.
    My missus wants to eventually ride but with an 11 month old it is hard to do for now.
    And as for LOZ the bmw is a MAN'S bike unlike the girly suzuki types.
  15. That's girly HONDA types, Smee. HONDA. :LOL:
  16. Gulp!

    Phew, Gromits aren't in season...


    (But just in case, I think I'll borrow a kevlar vest and keep the helmet on next time I see mini-Flip!)
  17. [img:450:350:3db3f56b56]http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/2107/bmwriders6mp.jpg[/img:3db3f56b56]
  18. Congratulations Loz, Admitting to oneself is the first step to acceptance. You havejust pastpart one of the "Accepting HONDA's are a girls bike" programme.
  19. Re: Happy Easter Hornet600 & others of the same persuasi

    Thanks, and wishing you well in your spiritual endeavours too. Rev Ken. :cool:
  20. Indeed my friend. Part two involves wheelieing a girly bike past a kwaka rider with trousers at half mast and slapping the exposed buttocks with one's clutch hand. Yeeee-hawwww.