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Happy day

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Dan.adl, May 22, 2012.

  1. Today is a good day.
    From a 250ninja to this is a step up. After 20mins around town it's not a different ball game, it's a different ****ing sport.
    Sooooooo much easier to ride, and the baby ninja is easy to ride. My odd shaped body fits nice and roomy.
    Tomorrow I will go for a real ride, I hope it clears up.

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  2. congrats and welcome to some oomph lol
  3. Congratulations Dan, It is a wonderful feeling a new bike. You feel it's mine and mine alone Finance Not withstanding. :)

    We empathise with your exuberance.
  4. You should have bought it yesterday when the weather was good! Enjoy the new toy!
  5. Very nice, standard? Looking to put a nice exhaust on it and maybe a few other touches?
  6. Ah... I rember the day I picked my newie up. Sweet memories.

    Well done, I'm envious
  7. Nice one mate - roll on BumbleBee!
  8. Standard at the moment. The exhaust note is nice as is.
    Have the commuting essentials on order, oggy's, pick up spools and a rad-guard.
    Will wait to see what I want after a few more miles.
  9. Good plan, it is always nice to get to know the bike first, let it talk to you and tell you what it needs.
  10. Congrats! about another year before I find out what that feeling is :)
  11. Well that was unfortunate.
    After a short afternoon ride and a brief shift at work i make the dumb mistake of dropping it while moving it in the drive way.
    New tyres plus wet slope will end in tears.
    Will need to replace the brake lever, bar end, rear brake lever, get the tank touched up and handle bar alignment checked.
    And probably clean the driveway.
    Good thing the oggy's are in the post ](*,)
    I will have plenty of time to fit them, polish and make rev'ing noises with my mouth as while i tried to save it I broke my thumb.:censored:

    Will make a proper first ride report when i have a proper first ride, so far the actual riding part is awesome. :biker:
  12. Bugger..... That's really quite sh1t

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  13. That truely sucks...
  14. good excuse to get some CRG or Pazzo Shorties now.
  15. What he said

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  16. I am tempted...
  17. Sorry to hear that Dan.

    If it is any consolation I droped my new bike in the driveway day one as well. Then after picking it up promptly droped it on the other side moving it...