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** Happy Dance** (new bike)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NothingExpert, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. So it's been a loooooooong 12 months but I have finally graduated from the Virago (ascribed the title of "Most Dangerous Bike on the Road" by a mate) to a Z750. I picked the Zed up for $2300 unrego, recently serviced and needing a new rear tyre. Waited a couple of weeks to do the Safety Cert so the seller could turn in his plates. On the day I took it to TMR to register they told me I couldn't register it as it was still registered. This turned out to be a positive, as the seller agreed to sign over the existing rego to save himself the hassle. So I avoided the hassle of an inspection at TMR and got three months rego for free.

    The bike itself is nothing too special - got its fair share of surface rust from lack of care. Its an 04 with 60 grand on the clock, but it rides smoothly, the frame and forks are straight and it doesn't blow smoke. It's been down (I had to replace the radiator as it had been repaired and looked on its last legs) but with some TLC it will come up nicely. I've had a mate with mechanical experience look it over and give it a tick of approval.

    Rode it to work this morning and loved every second. Still a little timid with it, but that will change with experience. Found the low speed environment of commuting much easier, balancing was much better and of course getting away from traffic at the lights was a non-issue.

    Can't wait to take it for a proper ride on the weekend.

    I was ready to do all sorts of stupid things with Teammoto to get on a comparable (albeit more cosmetically pleasing) bike, but I picked up what should prove to be an honest, reliable bike while I sort out affording the dream bike...

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  2. Pictures, please, so we can enjoy the restorative process together...
    and congratulations
  3. Congrats :)

    But as hornet said, :worthlesspics:
  4. Pics to come guys. I was at work when I posted and couldn't access them. This is very exciting. I'm really looking forward to taking something with a history and making it my own.
  5. Nice choice and a good price...100hp and 215kgs wet so performance should be more than adequate and I believe they handle quite nicely. Goodonya...
    This, or is yours a red one...

    Kawasaki Z750 04  5.
    Kobo :cool:
  6. I just want to know where the surface rust is? Isn't the thing mostly alloy
  7. RRdevil: No it's high-tensile steel according to the Kawasaki website. An example of where there is surface corrosion is on the front of the frame

    Kobo: yeah that's the model, but it has the unpainted pipes. That's one of the the first things I want to do - get some heat resistant black paint and do the pipes. I'm looking to make as much as possible on the bike black.

    This is how the bike looked when I picked it up:


    Dumbarse cop-magnet decals (should've said Dumbasfuki IMO:

    Decals removed and radiator repaired:

    New radiator with circle indicating where the old one was gummed up:

    The radiator had a definite bow in it.

    Examples of surface corrosion:




    Last one is from under the rear seat and shows some DIY wiring for the LED indicators.

    It needs a bloody good scrub. From what it looks like, its been sitting for a while and neglected cosmetically but it had been serviced recently and runs very well apart from needing an idling adjustment. Right now I'm just using the choke to keep it smooth, as the cammy chug of the Zed is very pronounced when anything less than optimal temp. Investigating issues surrounding this is top of priority list. From here, I see cleaning up the rust and touching up the paint a bit, blacking the pipes, replacing some of the more faded plastics. This would've cost me $5000 at Teammoto for the same ks so I'm willing to spend a bit on it to get it the way I like it.

    Oh yeah the old rear had a nail rolling around in it and a puncture repair. You'd be nuts not to replace that...
  8. Strip her down repaint the frame and she's good to go
  9. That's a nice score, less than two and a half and more or less roadworthy. I agree the swingarm looks a bit ratty, but the rest isn't too bad. A bit of vinegar will get rid of the rust on the brake discs if you're worried about it.
  10. Rip : Thanks for the advice re: vinegar. Will give it a shot.

    RRdevil: I think the temptation to ride it will over come such a long-term proposition for the meantime.

    Gave it a bit of a wash yesterday and it came up looking quite good. Still some quite stubborn build ups under the rear fairing. Once I move house this weekend and am not washing the bike on what seems like the edge of a cliff (my front yard has quite a dramatic slope. I can tell you it's fun fun fun for moving bikes around...glad I got over my interest in cruisers.) I will spend a few hours really getting it clean.
  11. Nice pick up there (y)
    Re the sticker, not cop magnets! Whenever a cop has even looked at my Gen 3 Z1000 with Kwikasfuki sticker on it, they have always given a little chuckle.
    One time they called the other Officers to come have a look!! :) 022 (3).
  12. Fair enough. Just figured I'd get the book thrown at me if I got caught with those on there. Hope you didn't take my comment above personally... :playful:
  13. Not at all (y)
    (How quick is it? 110km/h on the freeway Officer!!!!)
  14. The ride to work this morning was great. As I'm gaining comfort and confidence with the bike, I'm finding I can be assertive, where on the Virago I had to be cautious.