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Happy Bithday RussellDP

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fr33dm, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Happy birthday my friend! You finally caught up with me....for few weeks at least :sneaky:. Have a brilliant day!

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  2. Happy bithday RussellDPRussellDP!
    Hope it's a kracker
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  3. Ah. Good times mate. Enjoy the day :)
  4. Happy Birthday RussellDPRussellDP I bet it will be a fantastic one this year <3
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  5. Thank you. That cake....and the company is divine

    Ty krasavitsa
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  6. Thanks mate. It is so far
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  7. I am indeed. And about to go troll bike shops. Thanks mate
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  8. It is an amazing day. Thank you
  9. Happy birthday to a friend I have not yet met.
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  10. Happy Birthday young sir. May it be filled with bikes, boobs, music and cake. In any order or combination you choose :D
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  11. Happy Birthday, Beautiful day here in Melbourne. Hope it is as good over your way.
  12. Happy Birthday :)

    Have a great day :)
  13. images (4).
    What more could you wish for, have a good one
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  14. Hoping you are a having an awesome day so far.....enjoy :)
  15. Happy Birthday RussellDPRussellDP !!! Best I could do at short notice! Russ.
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  16. Thats wonderfully said. Thaks mate
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  17. Young at heart only, but thats all that counts. Thank you
  18. Thanks Chris. Looks good at the moment
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