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Happy birthmetre

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by stivor, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. ...to my bike. Today it passed 10 megametres.

    Just before:

    Just after:

  2. meh you haven't accomplished anything till you've gone back to 000000
  3. How often does that happen? I didn't think engines could last that long?
  4. Then youdont deserve a bike
  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaahahhahahahaa :rofl:
  6. I'm pretty sure mine will last long enough to do 10 times what it has so far. It still seems pretty new!


  7. I didn't realise not knowing everything about engines meant that I didn't deserve a bike?

    How is someone who doesn't know much about cars or bikes, and thinks (like I'm sure most people do) that the value of vehicles can depend on how many KMs they've done supposed to know that these things can tick over?!
    How are you supposed to tell how many KMs a bike has REALLY done then?