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Happy Birthdays today....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. To Booga in Melbourne, have a good day, Dave..

    And to Suzyq in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, enjoy your day too :grin:

  2. Happy birfday booga!! Hope you have a good one!

    Any speshal surprises today? :grin:
  3. Happy Birthday Dave, have a good one!
  4. :birthday: Booga, hope you have a great day.
    Cya on saturday for the party :grin:

    Happy Birthday to SuzyQ
  5. :birthday: to all. :beer:
  6. Happy Beeday to all, great day for a ride :)
  7. What a wonderful day for a birthday!

    Hope you both have a great one.

    :birthday: \:D/ :beer:
  8. Thanks guys! It is turning out to be a beautiful day up here in the mountains.

    Not cold at all. Had a nice ride to work this morning.. looking forward to riding home. :grin:
  9. Hope you have a good one guys
  10. Thanks All :grin:

    Had a great day myself, might go test riding tomorrow too ;) :twisted:
  11. Happy Birthday to both of you Suzyq and booga.
  12. happy birthday!!