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Happy Birthdays to

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. iffracem, in sunny Qld, have a great day, JJ

    and Farimir in Sydney :)
  2. I don't think that either of them come here anymore.
  3. JJ moved from Hobart to Queensland and is working as an IT geek at a Lutheran School. He frequents a couple of other places, but does browse here occasionally. He also rings me on MY birthday, but sadly I've lost HIS number :(.
  4. #4 Faramir, Aug 9, 2008
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    Thank you Hornet. I do visit Netrider but I have not posted for a while.

    Oh, I had eye surgery on Tues, the day after Mon 4/Aug. I find it hard to read computer screens. There's no way I can read all of the posts and reply to many of them. I have not rode my bike since Sunday. I only did a very VERY short ride because my right eye were killing.

    I'm more of a Netrider lurker now. Sometimes a post is interesting to me but most times I read it and that's it.

    I might give riding another go tomorrow? maybe just around my neighbourhood. My riding has been declining for the past two months. I feel crap cos my riding skills could be decreasing and I'm forced to be a enviromental vandal by using my car whenever I need to travel somewhere, eg hospital for check ups.

    When this eye problem is all over, I'm definitely going to test ride a few bikes:
    Suzuki sv650
    Kawa z750
    Kawa ef-6n
    maybe Aprilia Shiver 750