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Happy Birthdays to Pete and Churro Monster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, May 17, 2008.

  1. Two old (in terms of when they joined up :LOL:) Netriders.

    Have a great day, both of yas :).
  2. Happy Birthday Pete & Kate!!

    Have an awesome day guys! See ya tonite Kate!! :grin:

  3. Have a goodun guys.

    I'm gonna miss Satdy again, but I swear I'll get back there one of these days!
  4. Happy Birthday Guys !!!
  5. Thankyou ! Well, yes, old in Netrider terms and old to my kids too :LOL: 39 today . woo hoo. :)

  6. Happy birthday Kate and Pete. :)

    Hope the wet conditions haven't drowned out the bday spirits. :)
  7. Happy Birthday Guys
  8. To my darling wife Kate, :birthday: my love. Hope you had a fantastic day. Love you alway's, your husband Shaun.xxxxx. :bannanabutt: :demon:
  9. happy birthday babe
  10. Thanks all, didn't get on here yesterday was way too busy organising my party. Was pissing down all day and night but still had a ball on my Big Four 0 b'day! :grin:
  11. Big 40 hey Pete ?? thats me next year. :shock: :)
  12. A bit scary hey :eek:hno: :LOL:

    Happy B'day for yesterday BTW. :)
  13. Happy Birthday for yesterday Kate


    Hope you had a great day
  14. Better late than never...

    Best birthday wishes to you chickadee (and you too Pete!)
    Hope Blackie boy gave you multiple joys :wink:

    Need to get myself back down to Sat coffee night, it's been ages!

    Love sarz xx
  15. How'd I miss this? :shock:

    Happy birthday to the both of ya!. :grin:
  16. :WStupid: lol hehehe

    Happy Birthday Kate! hope you had a great day and Shaun spoiled u! Will have to try and catch up soon, miss u guys :p

    ... and Happy b'day pete!
  17. Have a great birthday Kate!