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Happy Birthday.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 6, 2006.

  1. to movin, avoiding his boss in Vermont "Trying not to get sacked at work for spending too much time on Netrider", and RGVMAN in Adelaide, have a great day both of you. I hope it's sunny and 23 degrees where you are like it is here!!!

  2. Happy birthday baby. enjoy all your birthday pressies.... and also your 'giving up smoking' pressies :wink: :p :LOL:

    and happy birthday to RGVMAN too. sending best wishes for a great day and hopefully some great riding from afar :birthday:
  3. Happy birthday guys, have a good one. :birthday: :beer:

    Jesus carri, you're not using his birthday as a chance to hassle him about the smokes are you? :shock: :LOL:
  4. His call. i'm just helping with the stress management :grin:
  5. Cheers guys,after you pass the collection helmet around for my FJR1300,P.M. me for bank acct details. :grin:
  6. Maybe cold turky wasn't a great idea. I'm a little concerned about you mate. :p :LOL:
  7. :birthday: bud, hope you had a good 1. :beer:
  8. Cheers dude,went and saw 160+characters next to fed sqr with my beuatiful lady,was excellent,last night tommorow night,thoroughly recommend it :!: :p :p :grin: :) :LOL: