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Happy Birthday YammyChick!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, May 11, 2007.

  1. Have a great Friday birthday celebration (and try and drag it out into the weekend :p :LOL:!)

  2. Happy Birthday Yammychick. Though we need to work on that name now!
  3. Happy Birthday Yammychick.... hope you have a wonderful day :)
  4. We put on a nice warm Sunny afternoon for your Birthday Tina, to remind you of Qld. With a balmy 21 degrees =; better break out the sunscreen. :birthday: Have a good one.
  5. Taurens rock!
  6. Happy Birthday Tina
    Big hugs for you

    \:D/ :birthday: :birthday: :beer:
  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tina.

    Happy birthday dear :cool:
  8. Yes, yes we do :grin:

    Happy Birthday :)
  9. Happy Birthday T!

    When we going climbing? :LOL:

    Have a great day!

    (BTW Taurans are a crazy peoples! ;) )
  10. Happy Birthday T.

    Rusty mentioned you may be on the Turismo.
  11. Happy birthday Tina, hope you have a fantastic day. :dance:
  12. Thank you every body for the birthday wishes :grin: The Gods were smiling upon me today and brought out the nice weather (I'm down to only 3 layers now!!!). Got a chance to the new beast out for a run and went and saw skinned bodies at the show grounds... very cool!!! Off to Cirque Du Soleil tonight, can't wait! Woo Hoo!!!

    G, Its first I've heard about the Tourismo... I guess if Rusty's shouting, I'm there!!! :LOL:

    Booga, I'm on the hunt for a new harness, then you're on! Miss DJ's offered to be belay biatch!!!

    Oh... and Taureans are very very cool :cool:
  13. Happy Birthday Ms gixxerhousemate :wink:
  14. Happy Birthday Tina,
    The weather gods put on a good day just for you :grin:
  15. Happy Birthday Tina :) Have a great night!
  16. Happy Birthday Tina! :birthday: :grin:

    Enjoy those buff men. :wink:
  17. Mmmmm... Buff men! (Drool......) It was a sensational show! I highly recommend it! A nice end to a fun day! Even if I was pillion biatch on my own bike!! :LOL: :oops: :p Atleast I had a wind break on the chilly ride home!!! :LOL:
  18. And did Brendan enjoy the buff men equally as much? :LOL:
  19. Not sure, he's going back again later this week to make doubly sure he didn't enjoy them too much! :p :wink: