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Happy Birthday VTRBob!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AnotherMacca, May 5, 2007.

  1. Hope you're having a great day and Nadeen is looking after you well mate.. :wink: :cool:

    I'll have a drink or 12 for ya! (not that sambuca crap though :p )

  2. Have a great day Bob
  3. Have a great bday dude! :grin:
  4. Happy birthday Bob. Have a great day!
  5. Happy Birthday to you Bob.
    Hope the Harbour is treating you well.
  6. Happy Birthday, Bob, have a thoroughly IM-moderate birthday!!
  7. :birthday: Bob
    Hope you have a fantastic day and Nadeen spoils you rotten.
  8. Happy birthday Bob! :grin: Have a great one. :beer:
  9. Happy Birthday Bob - go on..spoil yourself...do the rd to Ebor :cool:
  10. :birthday: Bob hope your having a :demon: of a Day....Just dont wear your self out to early :smileysex: ,O yea :dance: and dont forget to have a few :beer: for us....just dont be the guy on the right :beer: .....
  11. Happy Birthday, Sunshine!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  12. happy birthday vtr...
  13. Haaaaappppy biiiiiiiirfdaaaaaaay :grin:
  14. Well Huney, I guess I better put a birthday msg in!!

    After Phanoongy's comment about not wearing yourself out
    :smileysex: too early, I was gonna :bolt: but now I figure what the hell.. :bannanabutt: ..If ya can't beat em, join em!! .. :bannanabutt: :eek:wned: :-({|= [-o<


    :birthday: to you, :birthday: to you, :birthday: Dear Huney
    (VTRBO8) :birthday: to you.

    Hip Hip :blah: Hip Hip :blah: Hip Hip :blah:
  15. Jeez, has another year come about already? Feels like just last week it was Bob's birthday! Maybe, it's just that he looks that old :p :LOL:

    Happy Birthday old boy.
  16. A big thankyou to all that sent well wish's via forum / pm and sms

    Yes Mouth another year has passed, Some well wish's went along the line of senility :shock: I only turned 43 god damn it :LOL:

    Yes Macca I drank heaps of that 'sambuca' crap

    Deb your sms was taken into consideration and acted upon accordingly


    Justin I took your post to heart and had plenty of :beer: and Nadeen did her duty and took um...... several :smileysex: :bannanabutt: for the team \:D/ :dance: =P~ :-w

    Alas I didn't get to go for a ride ? oh wait I think I did :wink:

    But seeing as the weather up here is fine sunny and 25 / 28 degs all week there will be plenty of time / opportunity's to get out for a fang :p
  17. Happy Birthday, VTRBob.

    Sorry I'm belated, hope you had a great day \:D/