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Happy Birthday VCM

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Fellow Horneteer, Vinnie; have a great 48th :LOL:

  2. Happy Birthday Vinnie

    Hopefully your wife doesn't make you paint that ceiling today/tonight :LOL:
  3. Happy Birthday Vinnie!
  4. Thanks Paul, stewy, ceejay & goz :)
    No painting today stew ... \:D/ not unless Cindy breaks out the body paint :p
  5. Happy birthday, VCM!
  6. Happy Birthday Vinnie!

    Hope your wifey has a nice birthday pressie planned for you tonight :p
  7. Thanks Spots & Yian !
    I'm also sharing my birthday with an aussie icon today.
    Jimmy Barnes :wink:
    ( I'll keep quite the fact that it's also Saddam Hussein's B'day )

    PS I like the way you think yian :LOL:
  8. Have a great Birthday VCM :cool:
  9. Happy B'day ya old bugger. :beer:
  10. happy bday man :)
  11. Thanks pete, enigma, and everyone else for their SMS's & Facebook messages.
    Got my 2 eldest over tonight for dinner, just a quiet gathering to reflect on just how bloody old I'm getting LOL!
    I went against my traditional 'steak, eggs & chips' Birthday dinner for an old fashioned good old 'lamb roast'. If Tom Cruise happens to call I'll tell him to fcuk off :wink: