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Happy birthday Undii

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hey Wazza, I know life is tough, and has been for far too long, but have a good day today as you celebrate yur birthday.....

  2. Happy Birthday Waz, drop into the shop dude and say g'day.
  3. All the best Wazza :grin:
  4. happy bday wazza. big congrats to you guys for yesterday as well. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Happy birthday Wazza! :grin:
  6. We're thinking of ya :grin:
    Happy birthday!
  7. Happy B'day Wazza!
  8. +1 Wazza, hope it heralds a super positive year! :)
  9. G'day Wazza and happy birthday mate. Look forward to randomly bumping into one day soon :grin:
  10. Hey Wazza, Hope you have/had a great day mate. :wink:
  11. You've been verrry quiet on here lately - hope all is well with you :)

    Happy birthday :grin:
  12. Hi there! Haven't had much (read ANY) time to post, let alone read many online forums of late. Was a tad busy organising my wedding which happened the day before my bday last week!

    Pretty much one of the MOST fun days I've had in years! Some snaps at http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/wedding/

    Haven't been doing much bike wise, it's in a shop awaiting some parts so I can ride it again. Injury wise, it's moving on slowly but steady. Seeing improvements every few weeks/months. I sure realise how nerves can take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to get back to scratch, especially in the shoulder *cough*

    I've been planning to jump back online here but life just gets in the way. The old saying "Busy doing nothing" is how I've been of late. Well, except the Wedding business and starting up to start our own business. Going to be a cafe/antique shop/book and maybe some PCs as well for internet/gaming stuff. A real ALL-IN-ONE shop. Having 2 years injured, not having any boss to "report to" has made me realise on how much I despise working "for the man". I think I'll start the business in the next few years and really ENJOY life as much as I want to (pretty much like I have been since like age 14 to 30ish ;) )

    Thanks all for the well wishes, I'll get back into posting soon SOON SOON! I promise! :grin:

    Oh, and my fav pic from the day (that I've seen, still waiting for all the relo's/friend's photos to be seen) Notice Emma having to hold my right arm with hers heh. Still not able to have "much" control of it!

  13. Wow - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mrs Undii looks stunning! :grin: All the best for a happy future together.

    Glad you're still improving with your healing. As long as things keep heading in the right direction... :)

    Sounds like you've got some exciting ideas for business. Let us know when it's up and running so we can all come and take over the place :p .

    I'm thinking of going the other way so I can slack off and just "work for the man"! I'm sick of low pay, no super, no sick days, no holiday pay, no public holidays, my weeknights and Saturdays busy, no pay if customer doesn't show, not knowing what I'll earn from one week to the next...
    Of course, there are some perks to doing things for yourself... claim on more things, sleep-ins 2 days a week (excluding weekend), job I love (major perk), have some say over my work (although I work within another business).
  14. Onya wazza! :grin:
  15. Hey wazz, HB dood.

    Ya gotta witch them wimmen type, you get married to them and the bitches never leave :p

    All the best mate, Emm looks awesome, who's the dood next to her? :p

  16. Ha, cheers. You noticed I got my good looking cousin to stand in for photos huh? Can't get past you ol' eagle eye! I guess it comes with being superman from the Tassie "transformation" :p :LOL:

    And thanks all again! :) With the business, my parents have been selling books, records, jewellery, bric'a'brac *umm, everything* for like 50+ years and have a huge stock level to help kick stuff off. Also it will help me keep on the "family business" so to speak, plus lots more interaction with my parents (We have a GREAT relationship, I love them to bits!). Also considering moving back around to where I grew up, beautiful coastal region (LOTS of washing the vehicles, especially the bike!), beautiful roads where Mr Plod doesn't go often (if at all :grin: ) and not too far away from other great bike roads "out west way".

    Still getting into the marriage thing, for something we thought would be just a "go with the motions thing, do it cause it feels cool to do" has turned us into a pair of (even more) giggling idiots! It's great tho, LOTS of fun even from just saying 'Hello wife/husband!' to each other lots :D

    Also had a few *cough*lots of beers with kinky, for the amount of beer I didn't drink last year (like 3 times total?) I have been playing catch up for the past 2-3 months... Might send me broke all this socialising at pubs! :LOL:

    Definitely will be frequent web forums again, colder days are coming in, much more fun to be at the PC/laptop on couch with the heater keeping me bones warm!
  17. Wow..sounds like lotsa changes are happening!

    Congrat's on the marriage! :grin:

    Love the business venture - let me know when it's up and running cos I'm interested in seeing what books you've got there :)
  18. Happy late B'day!

    Us Aries Rock! :grin:
  19. +1.
    Congrat's guy's,

    It has been almost 12 months to the day since Sue and I stayed with you both, on our vic trip. It's good to see you are improving with time. Hope to catch up with you both soon.

    Oh and happy birthday :grin:
  20. Congrats on everything and hapy bday