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Happy Birthday Twingirl

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smack, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Bike night at Joe's Garage and TG's birthday. I better be the designated driver.

    Have a great day Fleur.
  2. :birthday: TG \:D/
  3. Happy Birthday Fleur! :grin:

    Working tonight unfortunately.
    Have a gooden :cool:
  4. Happy Birthday Fleur.

    Hope its a better one that last year xxoo
  5. Happy Birthday :).
  6. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!! i'll buy u a drink at joes tonight! :)
  7. TG! Have a brilliant birthday!

    Hope the birthday present fairy is kind :)
  8. Many thanks all!

    I'll enjoy my bevies tonight at Bike night, esp. after the day I've had at work.... :)
  9. Happy Birthday to you ! :birthday: :beer: :beer: :dance:

    Love from Kate and Shaun
  10. Happy B'Day TG! All the best people are born in February!
  11. Many Happy Returns for your day :)
  12. Happy Birthday Fleur! :beer:
  13. :birthday: Fleur
    Hope you had a wonderful day!!!
    Deb and Dave
  14. Many happy returns!