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Happy Birthday Tweetster

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by grange, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Another year has come and gone,
    And it's your birthday once again.
    So I'm sending you these wishes
    Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

    I am so glad you're in my life,
    All the moments we have shared,
    And even through the rough times,
    We knew the other cared.

    So, my dear, I'm sending now,
    Birthday wishes to you today,
    I am hoping that you will have,
    The best birthday in every way.

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  2. Happy Birthday Tweets... have a good one.
  3. Happy Birthday Tweetster, hope you get lots of bike presents. :) have a great day.
  4. Happy Birthday Tweetster, have a fantastic Tweetster day.
  5. Bugger, site problems preventing me from uploading pic song will have to do. Happy Birthday little birdy
  6. Happy birthday Tweetie-Bird
  7. Happy Birthday Tweets!! Have a great day.
  8. Ah grange.... For a self professed un-romantic guy... you don't do too badly eh? I am very glad we met (via netrider!!).. Big hugs to you sweets!!...:woot: and thanks for all you do throughout the year.

    Fanks for the birthday wishes Nettie pals :happy:... Already having a fab day and it's only just gone 9am...:D

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  9. All the best for your day of hatching.
  10. Happy birthday kiddo!
  11. Happy Birthday chicka! :)
  12. Happy birthday short arse.
  13. Happy b'day and watch out for puddy tats
  14. hippy barthday lovely \o/
  15. hippy barthday lovely \o/
  16. Happy Birthday !!
    may your receive everything you didn't know you wanted
    and can exchange for what you need :)