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Happy Birthday Trinity

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by booga, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Happy birthday lady ;)

    Hope you are having some fun... but not too much... and dont forget the beer ;)


  2. Happy Brithday !
  3. double post...just too excited! :p
  4. Bwaaaaahahahahahaha :LOL:

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady!

    Hope you have a fantastic time on the ride :grin:

  5. Happy Birthday Trinity !!!
  6. Happy Birthday Trinity. Hope you ended up having a great time in Tassie. I did, OMG, those roads, talk about biker heaven. Have a great day and celebrate in style
  7. Happy Birthday Jo.

    Hope you get spoilt rotten.
  8. Hope you had a good day Jo :) ............ & the nights still young :wink:
    :birthday: :beer: :dance: :beer: :rofl: :smileysex: :demon: :angel:
  9. Happy birthday Jo! Have a good one. Or two. :)
  10. Thanks guys. I had an awesome weekend riding gorgeous roads!

    Booga you are a DEAD man!
  11. But you were so nice to me last night ;)

    And I dont think you'd be allowed to kill me... just yet anyway... there's a much larger force at work here than you and I... ;) :LOL:
  12. Oh really? :p

    And what would THAT be? :twisted: :p
  13. The 'force' that loves me too! I'm not scared :p

    One day Booga, when you least expect it..... :twisted:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, so they say!
  14. Well you may want to order the nacho's then tomorrow, they seem to be cold most of the time :p