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Happy Birthday to ....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. .. that 51 year old, Falcon-driving, wine-drinking, Moderating, cat-losing rogue, MVRog!!! Have a great day, mate :LOL:.

  2. Happy Birthday Rog, have a great day mate :)
  3. :birthday:

    Roger my dear, hope someone delicious serves you up something tasty for your birthday..


    :beer: Happy birthday buddy! :beer:
  4. happy b'day rog

    i think sarz was offering :LOL:
  5. Thanks to you all. My kawasaki is 16 today. The MV is 1. Plenty of candles and the song here today
  6. im going to wait till next week to say happy birthday :LOL:
  7. :birthday: MVrog - hope you ahve a great weekend :grin:
  8. Have a good one ya 'ol fart. I'm not that far behind ya. :grin:
  9. Happy birthday :)
  10. Happy Birthday MVrog!! You now share your birthday with a bouncing 9 pound 9 ounce baby boy called Hayden!!

    Our school teacher neighbour had him at 9am this morning!!

    So today must be a good day to have a birthday!
  11. Thanks all of you. I am amazed that being 50 didn't seem to last long, but I felt the same at 41. The candles are becoming a hazard. Smoke alarms go off,soon it will be the sprinkler system.
  12. Happy bday Rog, sorry for the late post... I just got out of horse piddle!!

  13. Yay Azz.
  14. Happy Birthday Rog, for Friday, I hope you had a great day

    All the best
    Lou and Toohey
  15. Happy Birthday Rog, you are a very special friend, I hope to know you through many more birthdays :grin:
  16. Cheers to you all. It was a good one, but not as busy as the last one.