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Happy Birthday to ....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. ... me :oops: :LOL:.

  2. Ohhh its your birthday, happy birthday Paul, 1 more year till you get your letter from the queen, congrats :D
  3. Happy Birthday Hornet, have a good one.
  4. Happy birthday Hornet, hope you have a great day!
  5. happy birthday paul

    cheers stewy & lenna
  6. oh, and me, too!!
  7. Happy birthday Paul !!!!!!
    Hope it's a good one
  8. Happy Birthday to the pair of you...

  9. Happy Birthday Paul & Phil
    Many Happy Returns to you both.

    A couple of questions;
    a) Who's oldest, and
    b) do we cut you one of you in half and count the rings to calculate your age? :LOL:
  10. about a. there is some conjecture, about b., I would take the humble position and allow him the honour :LOL:.

    Problem is the birth certificate says that he's older, by just 30 minutes, but mother says the opposite and that dad was so mentally overwhelmed by the birth of twins that he registered it wrongly. Remember, those were not the days of ultrasounds, and they only found out that mum was having twins about two weeks before we were born (very prematurely, into the bargain).

    And a giggle on the side, someone at one of my schools told me this week that the GA at a school in Lithgow has the same name as me, and he, too, is an identical twin! I didn't dare ask her his twin's name :LOL:.
  11. Happy birthday fellas, I do hope its going to be a wicked party tonight :p

    So how many different nightclubs are you going to attend, 4 or 5?

  12. Many happy returns to the pair of you form LizzyM and me.

    Hope the celebrations go long and hard.
  13. Have a good one the pair of you.
    How soon before retirement?
  14. Thank you for you good wishes. Celebrations were quiet here, and even quieter there, as he has three broken ribs, and, it turns out, cruciate ligament damage to his knee as well. Don't think he's going to be riding for a long while, certainly not round Australia in July, worst luck :(.

    Smee, retirement age in OZ is 65, so notionally four years, but, heck, I'm healthy and enjoying my work, and I have no plans to hit the road in a Winnebago and go to places where I don't know anybody, so I might just stay on for a few more years and make life miserable for my colleagues :LOL:.

    Come to think of it, though, I'd love to do a 'Netrider' Tour, travel round the country visiting all the people I've only ever met on-line, and people like Stookie and Lil, and cejay, etc, that'd be fun (although probably not for them :rofl:.)
  15. Yay Hornet --- I was told by someone you are so old you fart dust -- in fact apparently you are older than dirt :)

    just kidding my good man -- happy birthday to you