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Happy Birthday To Me....!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chubz, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Happy Birthday to me
    Happy Birthday to me
    Happy Birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeee
    Happy Birthday to me

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

    :birthday: :dance:

    Well it was my birthday yesterday and I figured I need a birthday thread to cheer me up, so here it is!!!

  2. Well, since Netrider was down all day and night yesterday, I guess that explains a lot, but, anyway

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday mate.....no point dwelling on toay tomorrow is almost here
  4. :birthday: to Miss PNUT
  5. Happy Birthday for yesterday, would have posted this sooner but...........

    Hope you had a good day with lots of pressies
  6. Happy Birthday Rhea!!! Hope you had a wonderful day with a fantastic year to come!!!!


  7. Many happy returns
  8. :birthday: :dance: :beer:

    would've posted up y'day but couldn't... :(
  9. Happy Birthday Rhea!

    Hope you had a great day and Dean was extra nice for a change :p
  10. Happy Birthday Rhea
    Hope you had a good one :grin:
  11. Haaaappppppy Birrrrthdaaaaaay!
  12. Best Wishes for yesterday - go on - celebrate it tomorrow too :wink:
  13. Happy birthday for yesturday, Hope you had a great day.
  14. Huv i gid yin doll, dinnea take nae shyte fi thon radge Pnut ken ?

    huv a pure smasher o a day ken....

    on yi ya wee mental marydoll.

  15. Happy birthday Rhea, hope Pnut spoiled you rotten.