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Happy Birthday to Jem

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NetriderBot, May 29, 2014.

  2. Happy birthday, have a good one Jem.
  3. Thanks, a sprightly 51 today........
  4. Happy Birthday.. Jem.

    Have a good one.. :)
  5. HAPPY BIRFDEE, young 'un
  6. Appi burfdi Jem!
  7. :finger:Thanks all, having a good one
  8. Have a good birthday Jem.
  9. Happy birthday @Jem@Jem. You're catching up to me!
  10. happy birthday :]
  11. Many happy returns Jem
  12. Happy birthday Fella
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. Thanks all had a great day....

  15. Happy name day Jem.

    Yeah yeah I'm late again (ipad doesn't play nicely with Netrider).
  16. No worries, like to stretch it out anyway.......
  17. It's nice when that dopey droid actually finds someone we recognise.:)
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  18. Sorry - missed this. Happy belated best wishes.
  19. He's even older now!
  20. Of topic but the nearest Aprilla dealer just folded. I fear I shall never sample a Shiver.