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Happy Birthday to GreyBM

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NetriderBot, Jul 16, 2014.

  2. Happy birthday matey, have a good one.
  3. Another year has passed, huh, Greybum?

    I remember the days when you were only knee high and blue.

    They grow so fast... *sniff*

    Have a good one :)
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  4. whats that now 98? have a great day
  5. Happy birthday Dave!
    Thanks a lot for everything you are doing for the biking community!
    All the very best to you and have a good one!
  6. Congratulations old mate :)
  7. Happy Birthday Dave, hope you have a great day.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. Happy Birthday Papa Smurf. Many more of them to you.
  9. Happy birthday Dave, and have a great day. Don't overdo the red tonight!
  10. Happy birthday Dave. I hope you're having a good one!
  11. Happy Birthday papa smurf... ;)

    Have a great day!
  12. Best wishes mate.
  13. Happy birthday, Dave. You plus bike might have won the oldest combo last Saturday if you'd thought to bring the trophy, eh? ;)
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  14. Lots-of-Candles-Birthday.

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  15. Happy Birthday Dave,hope you have a great day(y)
  16. Happy birthday Davie. Hope you have a great day and a better night.
  17. prolly pissed and drained by now
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  18. Happy birthday Pappa Smurf. Ask your minders if you can stay up after 7pm tonight......
  19. :] happy birthday mate all the best :]
  20. Happy B'day Dave. Hope it was a good one.