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Happy Birthday, titus.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NetriderBot, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, titustitus.

  2. Happy birthday :)

    hope its a good one :)
  3. HBD Titus...
  4. Best wishes old son!!
  5. Happy birthday titustitus, have a good one
  6. Best wishes for your birthday titustitus! Here's to many more adventurous miles on two wheels :happy:
  7. ;) Happy Birthday
  8. Happy Happy!

    Where's the cake?
  9. Well, hell, how did that get out?
    13yo daughter was busy baking last night... :D
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  10. Happy birthday titustitus! Have a great one. :happy:
  11. Happy Birthday titus! :cool:
  12. Have a good birthday mate. Not particularly good weather in Melbourne for you but you did insist on being born in Winter. ;)
  13. Happy birthday Varmint.
  14. Thanks all (y).
    I like riding in the rain. I went out for a squirt on the bike (in the rain) at lunchtime just because I could.
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  15. Happy birthday mate:woot:
  16. Happy birthday mate!
  17. Hmmm
    happy birthday mate
  18. Happy Birthday titustitus !!!
  19. Happy Birthday titustitus
  20. hope you had a great day and celebrated with a ride or you got some new riding gear!