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Happy birthday Tessa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Azz, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Happy birthday Tessa

    Hope your arm's healing well and your birthday still rocks... go Leo's :cool:

    Big hugs
    Azz & Jadey
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Tess ;)
  3. Happy birthday Tess, hope you get a new bike soon to replace that lovely VFR.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Happy Birthday Tess !!

  5. Happy birthday from all of us stuck up here at canberra hospital! :LOL:

    this town is way too cold.
  6. Avagoodun Testies.
  7. Just got a msg from Tessa of the new bike she picked up this mornin' to replace her beloved VFR :biker:

    very nice ride Tessa, lotsa fun to be had this Summer me thinks :grin:
  8. Hey gorgeous woman. Haappy birthday sweetie. Hope you have a great day and looking forward to catching up with you, mark and mel in the next comin month. :cool: :grin: :grin:
  9. Happy late belated birthday Tess :birthday:
  10. Hope you had a great b'day tess. Am sure we will see you on a ride soon :)
  11. :birthday: Tess, hope you had a fantastic day, your friends always.
    Shaun n Kate.xxxx.
  12. Hey guys!! Thanks soo much for thinkin of my birthday :) :) :)

    I bought myself a really really expensive present, and she's hawt!!!

    I picked her up Saturday morning; she had done a whole 1800kms and now has done almost 2200kms

    She is a 2005 1000cc Honda Fireblade and the new love of my life *sigh*

    I've been glued to it all weekend


    She doesn't have a name yet and am open to suggestions. It'll be hard to find a better name then 'kinky scarlett' RIP
  13. Happy Birthday Tess, Lovely pressie. Enjoy!
  14. Goodonya Tess. Bikes are the best presents. Happy Birthday.
  15. Happy birthday Tess! :birthday: :grin:

    Sorry i'm a bit late. :oops: Love the new toy! :woot:
  16. Sorry it's late (here) Tess but I hope you had a fantabulous birthday!!!
  17. wow, what a great pressie tess......those things are crazy fun :)
  18. Love the new toy Tessa :grin:

    Been lookin all around the house for where Jadey's hid mine, I must be "male looking" and just missed it somewhere :LOL:

    1800km's for a 3y.o bike, that's a great find :cool:
  19. Sorry its late :oops: but Happy Birthday :grin:

    :shock: I dont remember hearing about an off, but good to hear you stayed with the family. ;) :)