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Happy Birthday Stewy!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Flipper, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Happy birthday Stewy!! I bet you never thought you would be spending the big three oh over in India. I hope they have nice cakes over there. Oh and Lenna and I organised a HUGE party for you this Saturday night. Sorry you can't make it but we will have to take a rain check when you get back xox

  2. All the best big fella ;)

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. happy birthday mate :)
  4. :birthday: Stewy Have to have a multi party when you guys get back
  5. Happy birthday to a Netrider with a huge heart!!! All the best for your special day, mate :).
  6. Happy Birthday Stewy!

    Hope you have a GREAT day
  8. Yeah avagoodun ugly. :grin:
  9. Happy Birthday Lovely!

    See you soon! xoxo
  10. cheers guys, yep never thought i would spend my 30th overseas and in a place where it's bloody hard and expense to get a bloody beer :shock: don't worry it will give me a better reason to knock a few back with you clowns and spin some shit......and boy do i have some stories (that i am sure will sound great over a beer or two)

    Cheers see ya all in about 2 weeks :beer:
  11. Happy Birthday Stewy!
    Luv Jadey & Azz :dance:
  12. Happy Birthday!! :grin:
  13. happy birthday!
  14. Yay Stewy. Hope it was great.
  15. happy birthday mate :grin: hope it was a goodun!
  16. yes sir, it was another good birthday bonk, damn i need a birthday every few days i reckon :LOL:

    cheers guys
  17. Happy bollywood birthday stewy :birthday:
  18. Old bahstad :grin: You and the Chengstar huh :-k yep, I can see the parallels, she ride faster than you :LOL: