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Happy Birthday smee

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Have a great day; we'll all go on a ride on your behalf, OK :LOL:???

  2. Happy birthday, mate :)
  3. Hronia Pola yero :)

    Have a great day, now hop to it
  4. :) i'll try and tell the big fella to take a year off your age instead of adding it.

    have a good one
  5. Happy bday hoppy
  6. Happy Birthday Smee. Have a good one. :grin:
  7. Happy birthday Smee!
  8. cheers folks!
    It's been good to get back to work after 3 weeks lying around on my arse not doing much at all.
    I'll be on crutches for another 3-4 weeks then have to learn to walk in this massive moonboot I wear 24/7.
    Someone at work has made me a chocolate ripple cake so I'll be in choccy heaven today yum
    Thanks for all the kind wishes.
    Vic a parcel arrived on our doorstep this morning, great timing!!!!
  9. Happy birthday Smeegle :)
  10. Happy Birthday Smee
  11. [quote="smee"Vic a parcel arrived on our doorstep this morning, great timing!!!![/quote]

    That was the last of the backpacks too ;)

    I have one for me but I may auction it off at some stage. With all the BMW storage that I have, I really can't see the point.
  12. Happy birthday smee :)

    *tick-tick-tick* :shock:
  13. Have a GREAT day smee !!!!!!!!!
  14. :birthday: Smee !!!
    Hope it was a GREAT day mate.
  15. Just a late entry but yeah what he said :p