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Happy Birthday, Rus Ler.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NetriderBot, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Rus LerRus Ler.

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  2. Happy Birthday :) hope its a great one
  3. Bit bloody late he'd be hammered by now! Lol
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  4. maybe stuck into a cow or two anyways
    have a great day mate
    hope things turn around quick
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  5. Hahaha I hope he is. Happy birthday Rus LerRus Ler, wishing you an excellent day today and a minimal headache tomorrow
  6. HBD again...

  7. Happy birthday Rus LerRus Ler! Hope you had a great day :happy: Trus that few drams of the favourite single malt you had tonight won't get you into trouble in the morning :hungry: I can only imagine early morning milking session :whistle:
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  8. Happy Birthday Rus LerRus Ler. Hope your day was an awesome one! :cat:

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  9. he doesnt look too happy dingle
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  10. Happy birthday, Rus LerRus Ler! I second Fr33dmFr33dm's suggestion of a single malt or two (I'll join you!) to celebrate. :]
  11. Looks like you Greg.

    Happy birthday (again) cowboy!
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  12. erm
  13. Looks like an Italian bike....
  14. erm
  15. Happy Birthday Rus LerRus Ler! Hope things turn around on the farm quickly.
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  16. images-18.
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  17. Thanks all for the well wishes, a bit like Groundhog Day here at the moment
    A bit partial to a single malt - the agony of choice
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  18. A belated Happy Birthday Rus LerRus Ler (y)
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  19. good on you mate, hope you have/had a good one! I'll be hitting 52 shortly, let me know how it goes.
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