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Happy Birthday Rosie.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Caz V1, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Big Happy Birthday wishes for today Chicky, I hope you have a great day filled with lots of surprises. Will catch up on Friday and have a couple of birthday drinks with you. [​IMG]

  2. :)

    Rozeeee, you rock.

    Happy birthday :)
  3. Big happy birthday. Hope it is a good one!'

  4. Such a good age..... Happy Birthday Rosie....
  5. My first double post..Im so Proud!.
  6. good onya rosie, have a good day
  7. Is it? Cool! Have a good one mate, yer a legend! :)
  8. Another years worth of maturity :LOL: Happy Birthday Rosie :wink:
  9. Happy birthday Rosie, have a good one and a few drinks!!! As Karl said such a good age being 21 !!!! :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  10. Hapy

    Happy birthday Rosie.
    BTW thanks for your trip thread. I've been following it and it's really inspired me to get out there, so much appreciated.
    Hopefully one day we'll get our act together and go for a weekday together. I'm always ready when you are
  11. Heya Rosie, happy birthday girl! Hope it's a good one!

  12. Happy Birthday Rosie hope ya have a great day
  13. Happy birthday and best wishes from the Valleyites. Hope you get all that you wish for.
  14. Hey, it's Rosie's birthday!! Hope you have a fun one. Celebrate how cool you are and the brilliant woman you've become :grin: :cool:
  15. Happy Birthday Rosie! Have a top day! :grin: :birthday:
  16. Happy Birthday Rosie! :grin:
  17. :birthday: Rosie
    Hope you have a fantastic day. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Deb & Dave
  18. :birthday: Rosie! I hope you’re having a great day...not much work and lotsa relaxation
  19. And once more- Happy Birthday Rosie! :birthday:
  20. Thanks all! :grin:

    Spent the entire day sitting in cataloguing procedures 2 class feeling absolutely lost with what was being taught..may as well be written in Chinese .... rode home..opened pressies the girls bought for me - new comfy socks :) 2 bars of chocolate :) A big box of Maltesers :) and a big bag of Starburst lollies :)

    Takeaway pizza for tea. :)

    Chockies and a movie with the girls after. :)

    A good day really :)