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Happy birthday Rosie V7

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Black Magic, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday for Sunday Rosie ...have a great day chicky!
    Here's to a great year ahead.

    :birthday: :applause: :applause: :beer:
  2. Going to be busy all weekend (and only have PC access at work at the moment :evil: ) so Happy Birthday in advance.

    Hope you have lots of fun and get out for a good ride. :grin:
  3. Happy birfdee for Sunday Rosie :)
  4. Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Rosie!!! Hope you get lots of books , new and old and lots of Wilbur!!
    Cheers Paul
  5. YOU'RE JOKING! Birthday this w'end as well!!?! Holy poop there's gunna be some celebrating to do :grin: (even if it is a tad later) Well, have a great day on Sunday darl and I'll catchya laytaron :cool:
  6. Hey Baby, so 21 again ay :)

    have a good one but don't use up all the party mood we got a BIG one remember.

    Happy birthday QT xoxo
  7. Ah well, since everyone is getting in early I might as well too :)

    Many, many happy returns for Sunday Rosie, and I hope the buds spoil you rotton, you deserve it :grin:

    Now, hold off on the celebrating till we get there.....PARTY, PARTY, PARTY (chanting BTW, but no mexican wave, it looks silly doing it by myself :wink: )
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Don't know you but never the less have a great one. :beer:

  9. Wow....you're all early! :) Thanks! :)

    Great start to the weekend - been at the local hospital with the youngest tonight. She's okay though. When I moved into this place I bought a lovely sharp knife for cutting veges etc. Tonight my youngest tried to cut a passionfruit with it and got her left index finger instead.

    Lots of high pitched screaming from herself, her two sisters and 8 of her 11/12 yr old friends who are sleeping over tonight (she's having her housewarming party tonight :) ). Lots and lots of bleeding (she's on warfarin) and me panicking but trying to stay calm in front of the panicked kids. I rushed her up to the hospital where they eventually stopped the bleeding and ummed and ahhed over whether she needed stitches but it was finally decided some steri strips would (hopefully) do the job. She's now sporting a big bandage on her finger/hand and is hyped up on lollies and fizzy drink whilst I try to de-hype myself with a can of bundy.

  10. I bet she's a hero to her mates hey Rosie :grin:
  11. Hell yeah. YOu should've seen the looks on their faces. I didn't know who to be more worried about - them or her.

    She's a bit sore (finger's throbbing) but is rather excited about wearing her bandage to school on Monday. :) One of the kids was that freaked out he picked up the phone and was going to dial 000.

    They're all fine now though - just yelled at them to be quiet and stop using the stairs as a slide. :evil: Beddies soon for the lot of them.
  12. Hey, Rosie. Happy early birthday to you :grin:

    Sounds like you've been having an eventful night and here I was thinking you must be out partying for your birthday :wink:

    Hope you get to chill out for the rest of your birthday weekend, have fun!

    Cheers *raises UDL* :beer:
  13. Rosie you are a kak have a good one!
  14. +1 - hope to catch you and the mad mob in Cowes next Satdee or @ the track :cool:
  15. Ezyryder said:
    matti-san said:
    Fuzzy said:
    Rosie says:
    Hey oldman! He's got another coming out :woot: Taita returns.


    Bring it on! :dance: We should find out if he's having a literary lunch in Melbourne - go and see him...he's a great speaker!
  16. Hey Rosie HAppy Birfdee for tomorrow. Hope no one else tries to cut off their digits whilst say.... wrapping your presents :p Have a good one.
  17. Sorry Rosie, but i ain't gonna say happy birthday until tomorrow. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. Yeh!!! back to Egypt \:D/
  19. Wow, house full of 11 year-olds this weekend - drunken Netriders the next. Wonder if you'll be able to tell the difference :LOL:. Happy Birthday Rosie, hope you get a chance for some peace and quiet (and a few cans of Bundy).
  20. :rofl: That's a regular pastime at our place too Rosie, but they jump in sleeping bags and slide down or get the little mattress out and try surfing down :LOL: