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Happy birthday Robsalvv

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smee, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Yes it's grumpy's birthday today, may lots of birthday wishes come your way mate all the best.

  2. Happy birthday! All the best..
  3. Many happy returns Robslav, lets see, thats 21 x2 plus how may more? lol
    all the best mate :)
  4. Happy Birthday Rob - cheers for all your help mate
  5. And a very Happy Birthday from me...:birthday:

    And when can we expect to see you in the Old Person's Motorcycle Club? :)
  6. Happy Birthday Rob.
  7. #7 AngryAnt, Mar 5, 2012
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    hippy bathday
  8. Fanks folks :)

    Much appreciated :)

    I'm going to try to be less grumpy this year. lol

    hehe, I'm a junior member already... just haven't made my presence felt yet. lol
  9. Happy bday mate, many happy returns too!
  10. hippo birdy two ewes
  11. Happy Birthday! :)
  12. Happy Birthday Rob, and all the best for your special day. I hope you don't have to work today. :)
  13. Happy birthday Rob..
    Hopefully one we can put faces to netrider names....

  14. Happy birthday Rob. Have a great date mate

    <still chuckling at SMEE calling YOU grumpy>
  15. Happy Birthday, Rob, I do hope you have to work hahahahaha
  16. Happy Birthday Rob. Hope your day is a good one, even if you DO have to work.

    Coming to coffee tonight?
  17. Taa guys.

    Yes I'm at work, unfortunately I'm the only one on deck in my dept.

    I've been humbled by the NR & facebook messages and sms's... which I plan to acknowledge personally... if the fracking sloptus 3G would remain consistent... and of course if work load allows... work is interfering with my social life. lol

    Sorry GD, I won't be coming in tonight - my lovely lady is taking me out to dinner :)
  18. :)

    IMO Being Grumpy is cool these days!

    I tell my missus that I got IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome). hehe...
  19. I dont think this helps the half plus seven situation
  20. Don't know about this grumpy stuff - perhaps I haven't been around long enough.....or I have a high grump threshold, either way......hope you've had a great day, and....

    Happy Birthday!