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Happy Birthday robsalvv

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by goz, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Hey, how come I didn't get a sparkly chick on a bike for my Birthday Post????

    btw, Happy Birthday Rob :)
  3. already wished you a hippy barthday on facebook, but once again - hope it's awesome :D

  4. Happy birthday Rob. Hope you have a good one.
  5. Thanks kind peeps. :) Muchly appreciated. :)

    It's the 41nth anniversary of my birth... yes, I'm getting old! :)

  6. not old :) old is when you have to get someone else to wipe your arse, eat mushed food and pop your teeth in a jar each night.
  7. Happy Birthday Rob, Hope ir is a great year for you. Cheers.
  8. Happy Birthday Rob - your brother in baldness, Ant.
  9. :birthday:
  10. Oh bollocks!! You are only just scraping in as a Junior member of ulysses!

    Happy birthday mate!
  11. Happy 41nth Rob hope you have a great one!
  12. Happy Birthday Rob from LizzyM and me. Hope it is a great one.

    And as meatloaf says two out of three ain't bad.
  13. Happy Birthday Rob !!!
    May you get all you wish for this year.

    I'll have a glass of wine for you. Cheers.


    or 2 or 3,,, etc.
  14. Happy birthday robsalvv. Hope you have/had a great day mate.
  15. Happy Birfday, young un.
  16. Happy Birthday Rob. Hopeit was a good one.
  17. Yep, hope it was so good you don't recover for a week...
  18. Happy happy birthday!
  19. Hope you had an awesome 41st b'day, Rob !!!!

    Though my birthday wishes are belated (thanks to work, again !), I aim to make it count.

    Here's your gift mate :


    I asked to have all 3 wrapped and personally delivered to you asap... (y)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! (y)

    (Live, from Hong Kong)
  20. happy (belated) birthday rob