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Happy Birthday Robsalv!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LizzyM, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. GreyBM and I wish you a wonderful day for your birthday, Rob, and may you find your ride unimpeded by any police car/camera for the whole weekend...na... make it the whole year!

    Cheers for you special day!


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  2. Best wishes Rob. Have a great day. :)
  3. Happy Birthday Rob!
  4. Same birthday as me mum!

    Happy birthday mate!
  5. :birthday:

    Happy birthday mate
  6. Massive Birthday Wishes Rob!
    Have a great celebration.
  7. it's tomorrow folks
  8. So people here are..... premature. hehehe

    Happy birthday, for tomorrow.
  9. **** you then Rob.
  10. :) It's tomorrow :) But many thanks peeps :)
  11. ahhhhhhhh piss off :)
  12. I wasn't fooled :LOL:

    Happy Birthday for the morrow, young Rob :).

  13. :rofl::rofl:
  14. Best offer I've had in months. Woot! :rofl:
  15. looks like jason dosnt like birthdays, birthday section gone again
  16. Bithday section has been gone since the software upgrade. I've asked Jason to re-instate it, but things are a bit busy....

    I have a calendar, but it's not accurate, since the two most important birthdays on Netrider, the one in question here, and mine, aren't on it :rofl:.....
  17. ye but didnt u add a temporary birthday list when vic was around?
  18. Lizzy and I won't be here tomorrow. We'll be on the road to Jindabyne. (on the rocky road to Jindabyne?) So we needed to post early.

    Also if memory serves right Rob won't be around tomorrow. He'll be on the road to Jindabyne. Not that the stuck up bastard was joining the NetRider meet. He was planning his own thing. Probably upmarket accommodation with complimentary mints on the pillow, valet parking and clean sheets.

    PS - F**K you Rob! :rofl:

    PPS - Have a good one mate. You can buy me a birthday beer in Jindy :beer: :beer:
  19. A Bloody Huge Happy Birthday to ya Mate
    And now it is today :D
  20. Well now it is the correct day so ............. Happy Birthday Rob!:roses: