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Happy Birthday Robin (Nibor)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by _joel_, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hope it's a good one mate!
    :birthday: :beer: :birthday:
    You better have a big one, you only turn 21 once :)

  2. Happy Birthday Robin - hope you're having a blast tonight
  3. Have a joyous day :) :)
  4. Happy 21st Robin !!!

  5. All the best Robin :)
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Nibor!

    Belated best wishes from Greybm and I for a wonderful birthday...glad to hear your night was a blast!

  7. Yep. What LizzyM said.

    Just remember mate inside every 21 yo there is an old fart waiting to get out. It just takes a little time.
  8. happy birthday!
  9. Happy nibsday mate. :)
  10. Now you're 21 you can play with fire...

    Glad to hear you had a great night. See ya Tuesday and you can tell us all about it...
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Lovely.

    Hope you had a great night Sat :)
  12. :birthday: Robin!!!!
    Sorry it's late but I'm sure you had a great weekend :wink:
  13. weeooo thanks guys :grin:
    i had a ball!
    getting a camera n ipod n hopefully some bike goodies with all the cash/giftcards i got.

    and i got this sweeet Ducati belt buckle hhhahaa :grin:
  14. Late happy birthday mate, same day as the old lady's 53rd. Back on two wheels yet?

    Better late than never - altho' I did get to say it in real life - glad to hear it was a good one :)