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Happy Birthday revken

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. It is very appropriate in this case to wish you God's blessings on your special day of the year. I hope it's a great day, and how neat is it to have your birthday on a Sunday???

  2. Arpeebirfdy.
  3. Happy Birfdee revken.

    All the best for the day.

  4. hmmm, u get around don't ya...happy birthday again mate. Hope you don't get rained on at ur picnic :applause:
  5. God Bless.

    21 again I see :)
  6. Happy birthday revken! :D
  7. birthday Rev :)

    have a nice one
  8. Thanks people, yeah, working on your birthday is a bummer isnt it, at least I didnt have an 8am today, service at 9am, so could chill out a bit. I'll settle back with some mercury cider and take it easy, out for Indian tonight whooooohooooooooo :D
  9. Happy Happy birthday Ken. Pity you have to work on your birthday and dont drink too much cider tonight, you need to be in confessional tomorrow morning ;)
    BTW, Dave says Happy birthday too ;)
  10. Happy Birfday 2 U..:) We'll have a belated birfday drink or 3 next time you're in town.....

  11. Happy Birthday Rev,

    From Chris from SVdownunder. (see I took your advice) :D